Listen Up: Eddie Long’s Mentor Tells Him to Repent (Audio)

Bishop Eddie Long became a Bishop under Bishop Paul Morton in The Full Gospel Baptist Church Fellowship.  Morton is now calling for Bishop Long to repent for any sins that were committed in the sexual coercion lawsuit filed against him by four young men under his care.  Bishop Morton claims that he was forced to go public with his call for repentance because Bishop Long has stopped returning his phone calls.

Dr. Boyce Watkins has written about Bishop Long, stating that Long owes the member of New Birth Missionary Baptist Church the explanation that he promised them several months ago.  Creflo Dollar has defended Long, stating that he would not accept any members from Long’s church (he even says that Long has a ticket to heaven).  TD Jakes has stated that we have no right to do anything other than pray for Long.  Now you can hear the words from Bishop Morton as well.




  • Im back

    How embarrassing is THIS?

  • Shakka Zulu

    This snake oil salesman and this bullshit speech, sounds more like he was also talking about himself and all the other high flying prosperity pimps currently in this club with him…None of these men have any talent in speech as far as i’m concern, they just play on your emotions because you’ll are tied to this man made construct called religion…We will continue in this matrix, because we have turned off our survival instinct and believe the same people who enslaved us will turn around and miraculously save us from themselves, how stupid does this sound? This Bible was made up by white people as a political tool used by them to enslave this planet’s majority people of color, now we have people that looks like us actively participating in the re-enslavement of their people for the right price…

  • timoce

    Hey Shakka, normally I’m with you, but Bishop Morton is spot on.  Bishop Long must repent in order to receive forgiveness.

    • Shakka Zulu

      What i’m saying about all these prosperity pimps called screachers, is where were they when these boys (victims of abuse by the church as represented by Eddie muscle shirt Long and his congregation), were being ridicule in the media? Why did they not come out and ask for prayers then? Now that membership is dropping off, collections and donations are not coming in as before, we have all these self appointed title holders coming out and making insincere speeches to convince the mentally challenged to come back and be mentally abused by this religious bullshit, while paying for your trip to this place called heaven by way of tithes, offerings and all the other special collections…

  • Borgor

    Amen, Bishop Morton

  • Moto Moto

    Please BISHOP MORTON!  Look I have no heaven nor hell to put the BISHOP LONG into.   But for the respect of the Afro-American churches Daddy LONG needs to resign from his duties, or the deacons need to change the church’s locks. 

    Then LONG can wear all the tight shirts and curl gels he likes, while tweeting his down low ass across the internet.