Racist, Tacky or Visionary? Hallmark Releases Fathers Day Card for Black Moms

by Ayvaunn Penn, Your Black World

To read Dr. Boyce Watkins’ commentary on the Hallmark cards, please click here.

According to sales reports, black folks are not opposed to Hallmark’s Mahogany line of greeting cards especially made for African Americans. The ethnic designs have been something of a hit — enough to keep the line on the market.  When it comes to their Father’s Day and Mother’s Day lines, however, reports say that people are having mixed feelings. “Happy Father’s Day, Mom” cards largely secluded to the Mahogany line are rubbing some people like Tonya Bryant the wrong way. Whereas Bryant has an appreciation for the cards because she gave both of her divorced parents Father’s Day greetings when she was growing up, it bothers her that Hallmark makes these cards primarily for the Mahogany line. Specifically, Bryant states:

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  • SojournersTruth

    Maybe deadbeat dad will feel some sense of shame, but I doubt it.  The truth is that far too many black mothers are parenting alone!

    • JustSayin……

      They certainly aren’t phucking alone, perhaps black mothers should upgrade who they attract……..

  • Forevernprayer

    All the  sista’s have sent each other Father Day cards, Tweets and texts for yrs for FD. The problem is that we understand the motive of Hallmark, not only black women are single parents and the message need to come from US.

  • Rchapman

    Money, money, money…Hallmark wants to make money, plain and simple. The real problem is that all father’s who are not in their childs life still will tell their buddy or hear from their family “Happy Father’s Day.” Don’t take much to make a child, but it takes a hell of a lot to raise them. An believe me, we the real father’s understand completely the difference, the fake father’s just keep talking!!

  • Anonymous

    How come it’s mainly blk women defending blk women, but when it is a blk male both blk women and men defend them? I’m starting to question this race of people. Hallmark could have easily made the card with a white female because white girls are in the same situation except it’s not promoted or discussed as much in the community because of gate keeping.  This article just pissed me off . 
    I do not fall into that category, but as a blk woman in general, why is everyone sweating us?
    Hopefully the next card will be a divorce card with a white girl on the cover, and if that happens, they will protest it, and act a fool. Bout to make me start a blk woman group round this piece. Lol.

  • Anonymous

    That’s not cool to compare us to guys like that though. If the card was made for all races, then there would have been other races on the card. Ppl say the dumbest things.
    Forget that. Blk ppl stop supporting them and start making your own stuff. White ppl get rich off of blks, so if you don’t support them and their products they will become poor.
    Instead of getting a savings account or putting the money back into their hands, try doing something better with your money.