Is This Radio Host Saying that Blacks Should be Killed?

Conservative talk show host Neil Boortz made incredibly racist and violent comments regarding African Americans.

Is he saying that black people from the inner city should be shot on sight?  Watch the video and try to judge for yourself




  • Shakka Zulu

    I don’t know why black folks are giving air time to Neal Boortz and his ignorance…I knew of this clown and his black side kick Royal Marshall, who was so full of this BS, he keeled over and died of a heart attack @43…These people come out with ignorant things to say when their ratings are in the toilet to get you talking, calling them, and all of a sudden they are back on top with new viewership…When the hell are we going to learn to not play these people stupid games? We have said the same things privately about some members in our community, now because a white man says it to pull his ratings up we’re bitching? Get a life people and let’s clean up our community, and not keep calling these stupid people to complain when it’s not going to do anything but hype their ratings…

    • Qboro

       Mr. Zulu, you are on point. These people are going to say what they want. We must do for self.

    • BabyDoll

      Ditto, Shakka Zulu!!!!!

    • Olin Ross

      Shakka you are so right…….The byproduct of sensation is a larger audience….

    • dr. toni luck

      good morning shakka zulu, since i am an african american living  in south africa i love the name and the energy it brings  and more importantly i love your thinking, you are too right and hope you can get your opinion on a wider venue so that we can inspire our people to think well.  have a great day.  dr. toni luck

    • Sbg0718

      Although I understand your point of view, I respectfully take exception to it for the following reasons:

      (1) Words matter!  They exert tremendous psychological influence over thought and behavior, and can have either a favorable or negative impact on us individually and collectively.
      (2) Words are like weapons!  They can be used offensively or defensively.  Words utilized by hate mongers like Boortz are like loaded guns that have been fired. Even if there are some who may deserve to be targeted, a bullet has no name on it and is just as likely to strike the innocent as the guilty since thugs come in all colors and all neighborhoods.
      (3) Words leave lasting impressions!  Every one of us can recall at least one thing that was said to them or about them that they have never forgotten.  This is because words penetrate to the very essence of our beings and leave indelible scars or badges of merit.

      The irresponsible, discriminatory use of words should not and cannot be tolerated, period!!  They must be strenuously objected to time and time again, otherwise, we become oblivious to their devastating effects, like someone unable to feel when they have suffered a grievous injury.

    • Lawrencesharon357

      Are you kidding me?  This man means serious business.  That’s his call to motivate crazy racist people to do just what he said.  Our people perish for the lack of knowledge.  Have you seen the news lately?  Do you know how many blacks that are gunned down by the police and through other racist acts, or are still being wrongfully convicted today. Or do you care since you probably feel the same as he does in private.   He’s not just saying it for ratings.  He’s saying it from his heart.  He knows that what he said could very well get him fired.  Now ask yourself why he didn’t care.  We lose the war all the time because of the few that does not take things like this seriously. They have a history of proving themselves.  We have a history of falling right into their traps. When we are not up to date on our own history, we put ourselves in a position to loose every time.  How can you win a war when you don’t even know what you are up against?  Wake up!!!!  They hate us, and it’s not just because of thugs and gang members.  It’s because we are black, and never wanted us to prosper in the first place.  Anything they can do to stop us they will. Now that’s history.

    • Celestialsister

      Thank you!  Amen !

  • Jredeemed

    I agree with Shakka Zulu, why give these fools the time of day. I think Blacks should do the same thing all other countries-citizens are doing and protest by the millions, all over the USA for the sick neo right wing racist bs we have gone through for hundreds of years. When are we going to stop complaining and do something?

    • Shelly Williams

      I’m wondering about that. I swear it’s not we don’t realize our power and we are mentally and spiritually dead.


    @Shakka Zulu, I couldn’t have said it any better. Racism white-Supremacy being what it is, this nothing but business as usual. This is who they really are. Now some of you out there will defend Caucasians and say all of them aren’t like that. Really? Then why aren’t they do anything to stop the effects that Racism white-Supremacy is still having upon our people? Why haven’t they given up all of the power they wield in all areas of people activity, i.e. government, judiciary, legislature, Better education and better access to higher educational opportunities, health and medicine, banking and loans, lack of support for new Black business ventures, media ( print, radio, television, commercials, movies, music videos, etc.) . All of these areas are dominated, and controlled by Caucasians. For those who doubt what I’ve posted, I urge you to read these books for more information. (1) “Two Nations: Black, White, Separate, Hostile And Unequal” by Dr. Andrew Hacker (2) “The Heart Of Whiteness: Confronting Race, Racism, And White Privilege” by Robert Jensen (3) “An American Dilemma” by Gunnar Myrdal (4) “Who Needs The Negro” by Sidney Wilhelm (5) “100 Years Of Lynchings” by Ralph Ginzburg (6) “Medical Apartheid: The Dark Medical Experimentation On Black Americans From Colonial Times To The Present” by Harriet A. Washington. I’ll leave you with this quote of mine. “Knowledge is empowering, while ignorance is a curse” . So ‘seek knowledge from the cradle to the grave’.

  • Lnk1976

    Okay,  I have seen the ignorant bastard talk. Let me ask this question; where on earth, do he think white people came from? If he knew his history, he would know that, the first person on earth, was black. The white color came in when, the blacks migrated further in the colder regions and their skin started to lighten up. Also, the whites are the ones who introduced violence, with the slaves and the hangings of blacks. So, don’t get mad when blacks pickup on what they have since over hundreds of years. Not saying that it’s right. Just trying to let it be known that ignorance and stupidity has been around for a loooooooong time. It’s time for people like that ( racist a** m*tha f*ckas or should I say mother f*ckers) to be shot dead on site. The less racists on earth, the better life can be for everyone else.

    • Tulsacrimemonthly

      Thank you!  White people are so stupid, and because they never hear truths like you just articulated, they try to say, and get away with everything when it comes to bashing Blacks.  Even in religion, since these ignorant black preachers never make the point, that all of the people in the Bible are Black and Brown people, until the Romans arrived in the New Testament, White people swear and claim they are Christians, predicated on these stupid movies like “Passion of Christ,” a historically absurd movie praised by Negro preachers like TD Jakes.
         Yes, all mankind developed originally in Africa.  The Bible that the white racists claim that they believe in says that God created man in his image.  Since the first man was Blacks……………wow, what a helluva argument.

    • Shelly Williams

      I agree. I hate violence and I hate guns so much. I have said it earlier. But I think white people like Neil seem blind to his race’s history and current reality. They have a very limited and protected view of the white race as a whole. Therefore, you can’t really reason with them. It’s ingrain in their mind they are the choosen people. Anything relating to lynchings, legal segregation of the past and current corruption of the present and pending future is a nonissue for them. It’s interesting. They always say that blacks are irrelevant and we don’t matter. Yet, here they are day, after day, after day, after day, and after day talking about blacks and misinterpreting our stories, news events, and all “flaws” associated with us. And don’t you just love the white people who visit this blog forum to defend Neil’s comments while trying to educated us oversensitive Negros. Once again, seeking out black people and trying to convince us to believe their view of blacks be inferior. Sighs. Same shit, different day.

  • Charsjcca

    Guns, drugs and oil make America what it is. Back in the day if you found yourself before a judge for miscreant behavior one might be offered the option to continue this process or go into our military.. What do we get? Guns and training in killing. Any complaints?
    I did not hear any. If they shoot at you shoot back. That is what I was trained to do. Who said this is not a war. What defines war is lack of respect for human life. That is why we are in Libya today, lack of respect for human life. It matters not whether it is in Atlanta or Tripoli, whether it is by a young thug who is Black or old and White. The essential element is that it is thuggery.

    White thugs showed up at the bus stations when the Freedom Riders arrived. They did not come to welcome the arrivals. They came to practice unlawful vigilanteeism. There was no love there. Stop the violence in all cases, under all circumstances. Otherwise, it does not matter either way.

  • Lgthomas7

    Just stop buying the products of the sponsors of the program that hired this guy.
    Post the sponsors that air this guy, and stop buying their products.
    Talk is cheap, do something.  Please someone start listing the sponsors of the programs, the black dollar is strong.

    Remember they only stopped bus segregation after they lost money, when blacks stop using the bus!

  • Elrancho2

    I know this kind of hate has been in the hearts (if you can call them hearts) of many whites in America since the year dot but I do feel the rhetoric is escalating noticeably.  Ever since the election of President Obama, I think the real supremacists have been slowly experiencing a melt-down and simply can’t help themselves.  Their little worlds have been so turned upside down that they feel they have some kind of right to express the ugliest side of their already ugly natures and the more they do it the more confident they are in doing it.  Sometimes, I think they would like nothing more than to spark a violent incident but one thing I am certain of is that they are the biggest cowards around and only thrive on fear and ignorance.  People such as this creature and all those at Fox News promote fear to the already bewildered and one cannot underestimate the power of the media in this respect.  As many others have commented, those whites who are supposed to be against this kind of evil nonsense should be taking a stand and publicly denouncing it.  Others say it should be ignored and so not dignifying it with a response. In my opinion, the right thing to do is to stand up against it and this should be done by everyone with a conscience – especially those in the white community who claim to be against racism.

    • Shelly Williams

      I agree. People assumed it is best to ignore statements like this, but it’s not. All it does is give people like Neil more time to preach hate. People think Neil is just being outrageous and etc., and some think he is very right. Many of these brainwash listeners follow these conservatives as if they are God. They breathe every word that comes out of their mouths and it fuels their hate for blacks. Their brain is already weak and the very idea of blacks getting any type of advancement and “taking America away from them” mentality is driving some whites to the point of a nervous breakdown. All of this began with Obama’s election, the very symbol of a half black man holding the highest position in the country. It’s a threat to the false sense of superiority whites have lived with all their lives, nevermind the fact their so-called advantage came to them through the use of segregation, lies, murder, and corruption. I don’t stay silent on shit on like this. It’s one thing to have a conservative perspective on politics and social issues. That’s okay with me. Hell, my parents are quite conservative. But when you are advocating for a body count of innocent individuals based on your innate hate for their skin color and any other negative picture that comes to mind of that group, that’s a whole other story.

    • WizardG

      @849705822d6539131d25bbe8879b7ea3:disqus  What is happening to us is not a fluke or mishap, there are people who have exposed this in books decades ago!

      You Are Right about the ‘good whites’ not standing up and speaking out against the evildoers of their color. What is happening in this country is affecting everyone in different ways.The state of mind of many people, not only whites is one of blaming each other for our social breakdown.
       You will always see us blaming each other for issues that were created from conditions started hundred of years ago and have been festering in a fog of social change and upheaval.
      As Black People, many of us understand what our ancestors had to go through in segregation and great discrimination. We have only been in a period of relief for a few decades, but that period of relief is over and we are falling back into a very dangerous position. Our society is going through a social change that was preconceived and placed into action by the usual suspects (that I like to call the ‘Elite”). They are not to be underestimated and the use of word conspiracy is not to be overlooked! We have been, and we continue to be conspired against as a nation, by the elite. The elite have no patriotic connection with the country. They are greedy warmongering, power-hungry men, who spend much of their time creating situations that will benefit themselves at all costs.
      We as citizens are like fodder to these people. No matter what we accomplish or think of ourselves collectively or individually. If we are not one of them we are nothing to them!

      We Are Made To Fight Amongst Ourselves, to fight over the declining job market for Americans, the ability to capture the so-called ‘American Dream’, a dream which has long since faded for many of us. Our children are even fooled into fighting their  wars of greedy acquisition.
      We are left with angry people on all sides of the table blaming each other for things which we had no real control over socially, financially, or psychologically.

      The Problem Is that we are herded into this position for special reasons that only the elite seem to understand, since it IS their plan. Another problem is that anyone who has the respect, leadership, and goodness of heart, to speak to the masses is quickly silenced, destroyed, or paid-off . So we are left bewildered about everything in our social stratification and why everything is falling down.
      It is expected that the most racist among us will shine through to say the usual horrible things their disturbed minds can say, and it should be expected that we will respond in whatever way our mental conditioning will allow us to process this. We are looking at the bigger picture either all wrong, or as in most cases, not at all.What is happening to us is not a fluke or mishap, there are people who have exposed this in books decades ago!

      • Elrancho2

        Thanks for responding and so eloquently.  I don’t give the so-called elite you talk about as much credence as you do.  I’m not doubting they exist and try to control everything but I don’t think they’re very clever and will ultimately fail.  I still have to believe that good will always overcome evil.  So the question is (as always) what can be done? 

      • Brendabeyt

        I would loe to interiew you for a n article that I want to write for the Examiner if I can get like mindd individuals who aren;t afraid to voice their iopinion I may have a venue to speak on. As you know and me too that those who speak eloquently are qiuickly thwarted or hushed up because the Staus quo doesn’t want anyone to lad us out of the wildernss,but for real we have been out of the wilderness for quite a while but comfort sakes like to lounge there as if we don’t know and understand what the thought world gone bad is. That’s my name for the Big brother syndrome,the powers that be ,the Establishment,Mr whitey, any onf those misnomers that have gone lacking over the years. I am 57 years old have remebered a lot when there were people that really stoofd up now all we have are quasi professors who saty that they are for us but will sell us ourt as quicjk as Doonald Trump tells a lie! fAST!!!e 

    • Aaron Steinberg

      I agree with the responses, not permitting this B*****d a platform to spew his venom. I respect Bro Shakka Zulu and the truth he speaks from his excellent brain through his heart to the pen. I believe Lyndon Johnson referred to the “silent majority”, well all the hatred directed at our President Obama, very few gentiles have stood in his defense. I will always support him personally and financially. I’ll receive another threat of suspension from AOL because I use the term gentiles and acknowledging how so filled with hate they are. My friend took me to hear the Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan, of the Nation of Islam, who held a morning press conference, Wednesday June 15 to address the U.S.-sponsored, NATO-led bombing of Libya, UN-sanctioned military strikes and operations against the North African nation. Although the media was present, not one station I know of, gave him air time. As my friend says, “fear is a MF”!

  • Erik

    The man said THUGS not all black people. I have said the same thing and i am a black man. Who is shooting your black babies sitting in the house sleeping while a stray bullet gets in? Thugs. Who is on tv every night shooting and stabbing each other and killing innocent blacks in the community? Thugs. So do not play dumb with this man and his comments for he is right and exact. Thugs need to be exterminated. And the rest of you with your feel good solutions really do not have any solutions.

    • Shelly Williams

      And neither do you. In addition, I seriously doubt you are black. Just another person saying the, “I am a black person,” line to convince other blacks that you agree with a blatantly racist comment. You people really do have a narrow perspective of blacks and our intelligence to fall prey to such bullshit. Neil’s comments were in reference to “thugs,” but people know “thugs” is simply a code word for blacks in Atlanta. White conservatives use the events of crime in the black community and the fact that black leaders have discussed these issues for their own benefit. As always, they twist the narrative of the importance of removing violence, purposefully twist the words of black leaders, and try to play the game of blacks being the ultimate hypocrites who welcome violence in our community. I know ordinary black people who work like hell everyday to remove the existence of violence in some black communities. But guess what? Their stories go untold. The ever prevalent belief of blacks being complacent and welcoming such horror in our community still remains the popular and dominant theme for white conservatives and assholes like yourself. This man was advocating violence against blacks in general, but cunningly crafted his choice of words by using “thugs” and their crimes. I suppose the violence in low class, low income white communities is okay. Lets not forget about the corruption on Wall Street and corporate America and politicans – who are directly affecting American citizens lives through legislation and etc. Lets just target black people because we are the ones causing the most hell. Nevermind, these people hardly cross paths with blacks in their daily lives. And by the way, since you “claim” to be black, you would be the first one to be shot and a racist wouldn’t give a damn about the fact you agree with Neil Bootz statement on “thugs.” I don’t condone violence and hate the existence of guns. However, if these white conservatives think they can drum up hate and violent imagery with blacks as the target and get away with it … think again. Someone harms my family member because of their skin color or because a conservative told them to do it will pay for it with their lives. Enough said.

      • Erik

        And the corny black christian response is what? Love them treat them with kindness! You have no solutions except that corny they are victims b.s.
        I grew up without a father in NYC and now i am 40 years old. I did not grow up to be a thug. Its a choice and thugs are ruining our communities so i do not give a damn what you think about me. And i am a Black Atheist and the corny god loves and takes care of you is not real.

      • Erik

        You want to hear what you want to hear. He said Thugs and i am sure he meant thugs. I hate thugs and they should be shot to death real talk. Real mean do not look for solutions from women and neither do we care what you think.

        • Tekguitar


      • John Prewett

        Shelly,  in effect,  you are claiming that “thugs” means “Blacks”.    As if to be a “real/authentic” Black person,  one must be a thug or supportive of thugs.   Thugs mean personal contact crime CRIMINALS.   Some thugs are White.  True,  it just so happens that most personal contact crime thugs are Black.  That is a fact that all are being forced to see.   Like most stock market criminals are White.    Sure there are many White thugs/criminals.  However, interracial crime statistics and the daily news accounts reveal the White thugs are not targeting Black victims.  Whereas Black thugs targeting White victims is common.   Your claim Bootz advocated violence against Blacks in general  is not true.  

        Huffington Post is as liberal a rag as there is,.. and even it recently was forced to notice the string of gang attacks in Chicago and some other cities.  Gangs composed of nearly all young Black thugs.   Don’t like it pointed out that most of the young personal contact crime gang thugs are Black [like the ones that invaded the Atlanta train a couple of months ago] ?  Well it’s becoming more noticed every day.

        • Sbg0718

          I think you have purposely misconstrued Shelly’s comment.  She is not at all claiming that “thugs” means “Blacks.”  I believe she is, however saying that to the bigoted groups in Atlanta, the words are considered synonymous and therefore they know within their own circle exactly who is meant when they say “thugs. ” 
          As far as Huffington Post or any other forms of media are concerned, they are not “forced” to report anything; they simply report on what they think would be good for selling to and/or broadening their viewing audiences. If, as you point out, Black on Black crimes have increased, why don’t you give some thought to the root causes?  How about – they are constantly being subjected to violent mistreatment, degradation, discrimination, hatred, suspicion, emasculation, dehumanization?  How many times has our Black president been portrayed as a monkey or a wild-eyed savage for Christ’s sake?  NO RESPECT!!!  How about – Blacks in general and Black males in particular are STILL, after ALL these years and so-called legal remedies, the LAST hired and the FIRST fired?  How about – Black unemployment is at an all time high and about double the national numbers as a result?  How about – while the media is quick to report on what’s going wrong in the Black community, it is like pulling teeth to get reports on what’s right within it, and there is more right than wrong, believe me.  But
          you seem content to have embraced a one-sided view.  Do you have no clue as to the damage hate mongering, callous, evil men like Boortz have inflicted on the Back community?  You think we should ignore them?  I THINK NOT!!  Ignoring them has produced people who are uninformed and unquestioning, and who simply open their mouths, swallow or regurgitate that which has been spoon fed to them.

          • John Prewett

            sbj0718 opined:
            “I think you have purposely misconstrued Shelly’s comment’. ……….

            Shelly falsely
            claimed: Bootz “was advocating violence against blacks in

            Thugs = Criminals.
            Can be of any color.

            If YOU construe
            anger at “thugs” to be anger at “blacks”, then YOU, not the
            speaker are equating Blacks and “Thugs”.

            Most of Sbg0718s
            above post is devoted to justifying/excusing Black criminality. Instead of
            working overtime to excuse Black criminality, White liberals and Black leaders
            should be plainly condemning criminality [no matter the color of perp and/or

            The “the poor are
            oppressed and they can’t resist being criminals” excuse for criminality is
            false and wearing thin.

            Read MAKES ME WANNA
            HOLLER by Nathan McCall.

            McCall does not
            purvey hearsay. He reveals the thinking and behavior of himself and his gang of
            teenage thugs. Crime statistics and daily crime news accounts show his thinking
            and behavior is ongoing all over USA.

            McCall and his gang
            were not “ghetto”. They were from financially secure families and lived in a
            middle class neighborhood. McCall’s parents were good hard working law abiding
            citizens. His step-father was a good father and retired from the Navy. He also
            worked hard as a professional groundskeeper. McCall had good role models, but
            McCall chose to make thugs his role models.
            Cause among his teen peers,  thugs were more popular and had more fun.   

        • guestestwitthebestest

          What about Italians and Jews and the effin Irish?  All ethnic groups with many members having strong mob and mafia ties, organized, personal contact criminals (depending on their status).  And the KKK, personal contact criminals like a mutha.  Most personal contact criminals are Black?

          What about the Romans and their personal contact crimes against your precious Jesus?  Don’t try to front like Blacks have violent crime on lock.

          Europeans have exacted some of the most heinous, brutal, and inhumane crimes known to man and his history…on all levels from physical (personal contact) to spiritual.  You are living in a dream world where the black faces are demonic, but in the real world it is european thought that replaces G-d at the apex with man.  There is nothing more sinister than that.  Nothing more detrimental.  Nothing more violent.  It is that thought that gives birth to the deterioration and destruction of all men.

          To take a life is a grave disgust and justice should be served to any person, including Black, who does it.  However, this judicial system is not suitable to deal with Black people.  Whites are in no ethical, nor moral position to institute and maintain justice.  They seem to have no clue what it is.  The fact that whites are in a social and political position to deliver “justice,” is in itself a crime. 

          I defend Afrikans because the defense is necessary, but I do not intend to say that Afrikans are better, not solely for being Black, but merely to say that the innocence associated with “white collar” crime is not all that Whites are guilty of. 

          No Afrikan should trust the statistics “collected” by an institution sanctioned by a government that hates Afrikans.  What do they prove?  How do they prove it?  How are statistics based in truth?  Until you can prove that they are based in truth, all Afrikans should believe that they are not.  Statistics should be viewed as more fabrication to mentally opress a people, to bamboozle them.  You’ve got to prove to me that Blacks are the minority, you cannot just pull some arbitrary numbers out of thin air and claim that it is based in science.  Eff that.

          So, as it goes with your statistical meanderings about Blacks and crime.

          And daily news accounts?  Have you ever heard the word ‘biased’ before? This is a RACIST society.  You obviously don’t know much about what that means.  No offense, but seriously, there needs to be a class, taught by experts…victims of racism, and perpetuators of racism with the ability to articulate the truth of the matter…where people can learn something in a safe, controlled environment, away from the personal contact thugs.

          • John Prewett

            To: guestestwitthebestest:  We’re on different pages.
            You write about person contact crime worldwide since the world began.  I [and many others of all colors] are noticing personal contact crime occuring in USA recently [past 30 years or so] and CURRENTLY.

    • guestestwitthebestest

      Well, this is partially true.  But without a specific and clear description of thugs, but one coupled with words like “Urban” and “mama” (said in such a characterized tone), it is difficult to know who is a thug according to this and who is not.  Thugs create graffiti.  So, any artist that is in an urban area should be shot dead.

      Anyone who is carjacking you, should be shot dead.  But, one carjacker does not litter the streets with bodies.  He wants the streets littered with bodies. 

      Commentary like this is at best irresponsible and at worst deadly.  And, there are people in this world that believe that there should be a mass extermination of whatever demographic you belong to, also.  Does that mean that it is right?  Maybe.

      And then, when a mother grieves, she should be locked up.  That is just classic.

      To many, all Afrikans ARE thugs, even your sleeping little, darkie baby.  If this commentator felt otherwise, he would have made the distinction, yet he did not.  Because of the vagueness of his comment, it was a sweeping statement.  Do you think he would come out after the bodies are bleeding, lifeless on the ground, see a black man in a suit and say, ‘no, no, I only meant the thugs!’  ????

      How about a little black girl walking to school in Hotlanta?  You think he’ll grieve?  How about somebody’s black mother?  You think he’ll shed any tears? 

      If you do, you are not ready to be woken up from the Matrix.

  • John Prewett

    The “young Turk” man is a liar who seeks to make one think Bootz advocates killing innocent Black people.  That is not what Bootz advocates.  Bootz advocates citizens arming themself and killing THUGS when the THUG is in the act of victimizing one.    THUGS are CRIMINALS who are preying upon ordinary citizens.    True it just so happens that in the case of interracial crime,  Black on White is COMMON and White on Black is RARE.

    I’m sure Bootz is rooting for the Blacks.  As I am.    Which group are you rooting for ?

  • WizardG

    The American society is a very hypocritical environment. We are faced with much discrimination and racist attacks as we, (many of us), remain in denial. We are not understanding what kind of country this truly is and what kind of vile creatures hold the true power.
    Worse still the division between citizens was created purposely. We are not only divided as a nation, but our people are slowly going completely and dangerously insane. Blacks, Whites, and others, are totally confused about what is happening to us and worse we blame each other for our problems when our problems are clearly based in the hands of the sly, slick, and wicked elite.

    We blame the weakest and most innocent people for our social problems, which includes the poverty stricken, disenfranchised youth. We don’t see the bigger picture to understand why our youth are suffering, and in self destruct mode.
    Those who want to attack the disadvantaged don’t understand how and why the disadvantaged are in such a dire position. Those who strike out at the disadvantaged and disenfranchised are themselves in a critical mental state without understanding how and why they are so angry and  prepared to evilly strike out at others.
    There is a method to the madness we are all suffering, but to understand it you must be able to read the social signs, the global signs, study whatever truths you can find, and connect the dots.

    • Rita

      You are RIGHT ON TARGET…Here’s a quote from Malcom X many years ago:
      “I believe that there WILL be a kind of CLASH, but I don’t think it WILL be BASED on the color of the skin” end quote. There is an attack on the middle and poor people and I don’t think its about race. I THINK IT’S THE GREEDY WANT MORE FROM THE HAVE-NOTS. TO SATISFY THEIR GREED and WANTING MORE POWER OVER PEOPLE. Our parents before us understood that but then it was about race. We HAVE POWER, but we MUST ALL BE ON ONE ACCORD as our parents were.

    • Brendabeyt

      Science is science as you quoted again so precise. I know the spelling police will definitely get me on this I was so passionate about getting this out that  I misspelled a few words. Oh! yes people are indeed insane and its a mental breaking down that is subtle and insidious from the outside going in and it starts with men not being able to take care of families, high incarceration rates,no justice, conspiracies that do exist and a bunch of politicians that don’t give a god**** about any constituency but there back doors simple and plain. There is a far sightedness here that reeks of insanity,we simply don’t get it. I blog about it I write about it and I say this to everyone that will listen don’t let it go down like this because we are not powerless, we just think we are and I would die for this notion because its just that important to me as a Black woman and a intelligent one at that who recognizes the signs that govern this universe and the Elite that could be of the Illuminati but even if not a hidden society who will not reveal themselves because they are known and rich and important but are acting as if they are for the disenfranchised and those that are in oppression but are not for anything but for the destruction of this system that is in place and crumbling as we speak!

  • Divproinc

    @ Shakka Zulu,
    Royal was on Neil’s team however he kept Boortz in check. royal had his opinions and usually they skewed towards the African American experience.
    I find you comment about Royal ” Keeling over” offensive, as Royal Marshall was loved and respected by the Atlana community.

    • Shakka Zulu

      About as loved as Clarence Thomas and Armstrong Williams…I’m a native Atlantan and I dont know what circles you traveled in, but he was always loked at as an Uncle Tom sellout…Why the hell would you get the coffee for a red neck racist without spitting in it for nine years? As usual because he was getting “paid”…

  • Sojournerstruth

    I am African American and I am sick of thugs! 

  • Jsimm3581

    I obviously am living a sheltered life, because when I hear the word “thug,” I do not automatically think of blacks. I visualize an unkempt, sloppy male who makes his way through life bullying and stealing instead of making his way out of the squalor he blames everyone else for. Sounds like to me there are some folks with a chip on their shoulders and guilt in their heart.

    • Anonymous

      And it sounds like you have been living under a rock.  You may need to return home!

  • Bulliesonblast

    There is NOTHING new about the hatred of blacks.  Most ethnic groups hate blacks, even blacks hate blacks.  Most ethnic groups are aware of the divisiveness of blacks, urban, negroes, choose your vernacular.  Blacks have always and will ALWAYS continue to catch hell from wicked white people, oft times merely just because of the color of our skin and they can, no other reason period.  I don’t care how we intermarry, we are going to be hated.  How dare he talk about screwing up the quality of someone’s lives.  Their evil ways have screwed up the quality of our lives since a black African sold our progenitors to the wicked white man in vile slavery.  When they terrorized us wit promises of a better life, they  screwed up our quality of life.  He doesn’t have a clue of what it means to ruin a life, they have and continue to ruin us Just Cause they Can.  From Willie Lynch Jim Crow to Verliezon JeffCrow – Black Ruination AKA Forever Haunting!

  • Bulliesonblast

    typo with not wit

  • Anthony II

    This freedom of speech thing has lost it’s meaning.  Terroristic threats are a common legal charge and people like this are simply displaying why this country is held in such low esteem around the world.  The concept of the “Ugly American’ has reared it’s head for so long, it’s as though the sheets have been worn off.  Where there is no shame, there is no shock and people like this are swallowing their own poison and don’t even care.  Gulp, gulp, gulp my man.

  • Julene AllenDellAmor

    I mean why are we shocked to hear about blunt and translucent racism? Are we shocked because we did not think it has existed?

    Many Conservatives have felt that their freedom of speech has been cut off. I say let everyone speak freely.  At least we know what people are really thinking. While many minorities are aware that racist tones like this exist,  if it is out of sight, it is out of mind. Therefore, we forget. When we forget, we lose our focus on our reality. I believe this is what is happening. A great number of minorities feel that racism rarely exists. They also feel that people like Neal Boortz are apparitions, unaware that there is still a sense of embedded hatred and racism here in America.

    It’s Neal Boortz by the way. There was a typo in his name. And for those
    who would like to know, he works for FM Talk 106.5 in Mobile Alabama.

  • Olin Ross

    Prejudice is really a mental illness…..

  • Rafael Martinez

    With people like Neil Boortz, everyone is in danger because he see an enemy to all those who do not agree with him. We have to have weapons, take care of these weapons, know how to use
    them,but it is to defend guys like Neil Boortz. Who said to Neil Boortz, the problems in Atlanta and across the country is the fault of the young blacks?. Why does not question the system worn, who always denied the opportunity for development of minorities. Such comments just looking incendiary conflicts. Fortunately not many pay attention to the stupidity of this man that must be baptized as the KKK of the radio.

  • John Prewett

    There are fundamentally two levels of criminals.  
    Lower [on the worldly totem pole] level of thugs stick a gun in the face of the 7/11 clerk and steal money.  Maybe rape and/or kill the clerk. ……
    If the lower level thug feels extra bold,  maybe he’ll rob a bank.   ……….
    Most, but not all,  of the lower level thugs are Black.  

    The upper level thugs wear suits, drive expensive cars and live in gated communities.   
    If they decide to rob a bank,  they first buy the bank.  Then steal from it without a gun. 
    Most of the upper level thugs are White.    

    Upper level criminals may do more damage to the nation than lower level.
    But Lower level criminals make more common people angry and fearful.

  • Ehamp2002

    I agree with Shakka Zulu; but only to a degree, yes in response to this sort of ignorance we have a sudden out poor for blood, this bastard and all like him should not be air time or any other time to waste spewing their filth and enraging a community.  What we need to do is stop letting someone like this piece of  SH.. get under our skin and began to recognize and correct our concerns from within, Listen my take is Boortz and company are jealous over the wealth of so many Black Americans and have no other way to voice it except this way.  Displaying their ignorant but savvy style. I invite mr. Boortz and his klan pals to come on too any of the neighborhoods in Miami and stand on the corner and spew this sh..; we will see to it that he get a better understanding of his urban thugs as he put it.

  • Terrill Wyche

    To Brother Shakka Zulu: Black aren’t giving Neal Boortz airtime. Corporate sponsors are giving it to him. The problem is Boortz’s sponsors continue to advertise on his radio show.  This means that what Boortz says is exactly what the corporate sponsors think and basically since the radio stations haven’t pulled his show, they probably agree by default.

  • Firstladbrett1953

    Who knows,but perhaps BOORTZ himself will be,well,OFFED!!!

  • Firstladbrett1953

    Lawrencesharon 357,do you know how many blacks are GUNNED DOWN BY OTHER BLACKS???(My aunt and cousin in Detroit,and another cousin in Chicago,to name just three.)

  • Firstladbrett1953

    Aaron Steinberg,you’re WELL-INTENTIONED AS H*LL,but you do realize that Little Louie Farra-Clown is an avowed Anti-Semite?(Not “Anti-Zionist,”but PURELY UNA-

  • guestestwitthebestest

    Wow.  This is nothing new.  It seems there are some whites who are gearing up for a war against those they deem to be undesireables. 

    Perhaps, the “undesireables” should stop watching the war approach with wonder and dismay, but rather with preparation.

    It is okay to lawfully own a gun, to lawfully own a few.  It is okay to know how to handle that gun.  It is okay to own a few swords, if guns make you uncomfortable.  It is perfectly justifiable to know how to wield those swords. 

    Take some martial arts classes, get your black belt, take a few years worth of yoga, pump some iron, plant some gardens, learn some foreign languages, european, asian, and afrikan, learn the power of influence, use it wisely.

    Don’t smoke crack.

    Learn about uniformity and kinship, learn about tactics and strategies, learn about codes and building fraternities and sororities, learn, learn, learn, and then learn how to do.

    Then, when those who try to strike you down approach, you will not meet them with fear and disbelief, but instead with preparation.

    Do not remain comfortable with a bone when you can have the body.  This society is not for you.  Stop trying to force it.  Don’t be lazy, don’t be scared.  Reclaim what is rightfully yours and be free.

  • Forevernprayer

    Don’t be shocked, about most white, mexicans and others feel that way. That mean ur doctors, lawyers, teachers ect feel that way and they let u know it if u just open ur eyes.
    Where are the suicide bombers when u need one. black ppl need to stop being so nice and accepting. There is a time for every thing and Its time to RETURN back to our God and then let nature take Its course.

  • Pealuvcmon

    Blood Suckers… Is what they are every time they need or want they will use us to wipe their feet on…  One thing they need to understand is we don’t give a damn about their sorry wicked a**….  Every thing they have institutionalize for us has been a LIE’ from Education, Religion and Government all LIES….  (Do your research!)

    I would encourage All African Descendants to return to their roots and learn as much as u can about self and your story and not his-version.  How can we began to heal the hell our fore-fathers experience here in America? When most of us still deal with some of the same HELL… today; just in different forms…  Instead of breaking us in the fields now they want to break us in the prisons and in Corporate America…. There are more black male incarcerated now… then there were slaves in 1850, they didn’t have jails for us back than, only whites went to jail back then.

    The moral of this story is… It’s time we start healing our minds and hearts towards each other, we need one another to make it though the storms the Elites, Corporations and Governments have planned for us.  We have no time spare on foolishness, these ppl… Eat, Sleep and Breath our demise! . 

    This message is not for uncle toms… we understand u love your master… and want to stay we him! no matter what… and it’s okay( Neil Boortz would love to visit u ),
    we don’t need your support or comments!