College Football Player Kicked Off Plane for Wearing Sagging Pants

by Ayvaunn Penn, Your Black World

A song was made about it. You can’t board a bus if you have it, and now you can’t fly with it. “It” would be sagging pants. Deshon Marman was at San Fransico International Airport on Thursday boarding a plane headed for Albuquerque when he was addressed by a U.S. Airways employee about his sagging pants. The employee asked the twenty-year-old to pull up his pants, but he refused according to Sgt. Michael Rodriguez — an officer for the San Francisco Police Department. Marman was then asked to get off of the plane. This, he also refused to do, and he was arrested as a result.

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  • Spoolnikki36

    I mean everyone has freedom to express themselves but to me its disrepectful and rude!!!!!

    • blkgalusa

       I agree..

  • Drlarry

    no skin showing how is this an issue or is it called bigot on alert to find a reason 

    • blkgalusa

      Because he looked like an idiot with no home training period..end of story.

    • Altha Cutright

      You are so stupid to think this is ok for him to walk around exposing his azz.

  • Shakka Zulu

    It’s very disrespectful for any man to be walking around exposing their dirty drawers to the public, why the hell are we condoning this type of behavior in our children? This man was asked more than once to pull up his pant and he choose to be an ignorant negro, so cuff his azz, let him miss his flight, and cool his butt in a jail cell…We have got to tell our children we cannot walk around looking a participant in gay pride parade, or an advertisement for gay prison sex…

  • Blackcat1915

    Pants on the ground pants on the ground lookin like a fool with your pants on the ground….  American Idol came in handy for something….LOL  This is so stupid.  He wasn’t showing his ass but most of the world doesn’t want to see someone’s nasty ass drawers either, so pull your damn pants up. 


    As long as we, as a community continue to try and justify what cannot be justified in any rational or logical manner, we will continue to get the behavior we are getting from our young men, in our communities. We need to stop this foolishness.It is extremely disrespectful of our women in our communities, especially the elderly women, who I’m certain DO NOT  want to see these young men’s underwear. It is high time we stand up to this foolishness and began demanding that our young men exhibit some pride in their behavior, how the look, etc. If we demand the best from them, we will more likely get the best from them. If we continue to accept the worse in them, that is what we will continue to get. Only homosexuals want the world to see their asses. And before anyone tries to slap that homophobic tag on me, you need to go to the dictionary and look up the meaning of phobic. I am not now nor have I ever been Homophobic (Afraid of or in fear of Homosexuals at all) . I know what they want. They want access to our children.

    • MX422

      They want access to our children?  Funny.. even with the ratio factor adjusted, most all sex crimes against children are straight people.

      When I was in 2nd grade..way back in the early 70s, we had two-to-a-person desks. I was of only 2 black students in a class of twenty…. there was a little girl there who didn’t want to sit with me…because I was black. She was afraid, because I was different….I’ll  never forget that horrible feeling of hurt and rejection.

      As the school year went on, we became great classmates, and over 30 years later, she’s one of my closest friends.  Even at that very young age, we overcame the fact that we were both different and reached out to eachother.

      No one chooses to be black or white, left-handed or right-handed, gay or straight.

      But one -does- decide to be a sexual predator, to be a criminal, to dress  like one, and to be a racist, to be a bigot.

      African-Americans have contributed great things to our society just as gays have done as well. Life is short. Enough predjudice already.

  • Anonymous

    I have first grade students coming to school saggin.  We can’t ask their parents to intervene because they dressed them in the morning and they’re saggin also.

  • Tulsacrimemonthly

    Good!  They should have called him a “Nigger,” after kicking his ignorant ass off the plane.  Blacks must condemn younger Blacks going around dressed like Bozo The Clown.  These young Blacks that dress like that have no philosophy whatsoever behind their offensive appearance.  When they dressed like thugs, they give racist whites all kinds of ammunition.  Good that they kicked him off.  Had I been on the plane, as a Black man, I would have cheered.  Young Black sociopath thugs are a disgrace to our people, and have severely hindered our progress during the past couple of decades.

  • BradSRQ

    When we buy an airline ticket we are basically buying the right to have passage from point A to point B, provided by a business (the airline).  That business has the right to impose a dress code.  If the business presses the dress code issue and the passenger doesn’t wish to comply, the business has the right to remove the passenger from their business. Whether a business is a store that says “No shoes, no shirt, no service” or an airliner transporting people, is immaterial.

  • Calanthian

    Pull your pants up man.  All of that could have been avoided.  Where this style come from anyway.  Who wants to look at someones BUTT.  It does not make any sense at all.  You definitely will not get any job anywhere if you go on an interview like that.  FUBU won’t even hire you.

  • Stephen

    Sagging pants is retarded lazy and stupid,Where is this young man’s father?

  • Quietstorm897

    They should have dragged that monkey off the plane with a banana stuck up his azz!  Damn that monkey and the rest that dresses like faggots!  

  • Eugene Mac

    Thank you U.S. Airways! Someone finally has said enough of this crap.
    This asinine fad, style or look came from the prison system. How can
    any parent encourage this? Now he may lose his college scholarship over
    this fad? Wow, way to go. If U.S Airways is the only airlines that
    enforce this, I’m flying U.S Airways.

  • Quietstorm897

    Any uneducated slime ball monkey that walks around showing their STANK draws should be picked up and shipped straight to Africa, period.  On second thought, drop them off at a Klans gathering, at night.

    • latifah520

      quietstorm897 I SMELL A RACIST YOU STINK. You are the problem with the world now.  Our young black men should not be walking around showing their butt.  But there are no monkeys boarding planes. And we know what your kind  like doing with ANIMALS AND BANANAS.

      • Quietstorm897

        @latifah520, well since you put it that way about me hitting on animals.  Only the ones that have nappy hair and big lips…oh, yeah, a big booty too.  The sistas’  How was that?  And another thing, I’m black.

  • yknowhadimsayn

    Well, this is racist for sure.  They know only black guys would were their pants like this, so it’s got to be racist- Even if it isn’t, lets say it is- kinda like everything else- ynowhadimsayn,ynowhadimsayn, ynowhadimsayn, ynowhadimsayn,ynowhadimsayn

  • Blackhercules1

    How can we,as African American parents allow our children to emulate and glorify a style that came from the prison system?Its is our duty as African American and also people of color to blaze a path that teaches our children to have self respect and present themselves in a dignified manner.
    This type of behavior also is glorified in hip hop videos by clowns like lil Wayne,TI and the rest of those silly clown buffoons that think degrading women,drug dealing and acting like a complete nigger is respected and allowed in our society.We see this garbage style every day and it really disgusts me to see it every day.Speaking like uneducated,ignorant hyenas.
    What is worse,most of our black princesses and queens go for this foolish nonsense,which makes them look just as ignorant.The young man was asked to pull his pants up and he refused and was taken off the plane.Good for the airlines,because I would have done the same.Then his mother tries to justify her sons actions by saying he was going through some hardship in his life,and he was singled out! Well I guess that means he was the only one wearing his pants down then.Think about it.We all go through some sort of hardship,but that doesn’t excuse us from the fact that we as African American,each and everyone of us carries the burden of stereotypical images that are placed on our shoulders every day and most of our people(the young generation and some old behind men that try to act like the young generation).We fuel the people who hate that African American race and they point fingers and say”I told you so,they act like animals,so we should treat them like animal”.
    All young black men should pull their pants up and look like respectable members of the African American community. 

    • Rita


    • Rita


    • Rita