Why Would Republicans Allow an Ad Like This to be Released? (Video)

In this video, a conservative group decided that having a group of black men singing the theme, “Give me yo cash bitch” would actually make sense for an ad.  Should the GOP condemn this advertisement?

Click here to see the video



  • Blackcat1915

    I am almost speechless.  I can’t believe anyone thought that ad was a good idea.  Not to mention the obvious racial stereotype going on here I’m not amused by the degrading way they protrayed this powerful intelligent woman as a sex object/stripper working a pole.  At least the GOP had a balance of racism and sexism in their add. 

    • Jm

      Is it a GOP add?

    • Anonymous

      That is what the gop is all about.  These folks has no discretion what so ever!

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Shakka-Zulu/1379420279 Shakka Zulu

    The question should be why would anyone black allow themselves to be in a video this disparaging to themselves and their people? I have seen a breakdown in black people who are willing to do just about anything just because they are getting “paid”. Snoop Dogg, Samuel Jackson, Barack Obama, Al Sharpton, etc…We must ask ourselves, why are we blaming the slave owners for our ancestors enslavement since these white men were only trying to get “paid” through our enslavement? This is fricking unbelieveable what we have allowed ourselves to become just so we can get “paid”…

    • Albertak

      you are right on target to a point, but why would you demean these specific brothers, specifically our President without having the hard facts? This too is divisive and mean spirirted. Are you a bitter grudgeful individual?

      • http://www.facebook.com/people/Shakka-Zulu/1379420279 Shakka Zulu

        I dont have anything to be hateful and or angry about Obama since i’m also ivy league educated and quit successful in my own right, without selling out my people…Obama has made it a point to stay away from anything black except his shoes, suits, wife and children…When you can discard the man who introduced him to Chicago public and social life Rev Dr Wright, aside like a pair of dirty drawers, this was the same man who married him, christened his children, but because it was politically expedient, he tossed him aside…We are seeing how he has kissed up to white women and latinos with their appointment to the Supreme Court, and he has treated blacks like step children and has no use for us now since latinos are the new majority minority…Obama is a political whore like Sharpton and messy Jesse Jackson, their azzes only need you when whitey is on their asses, for you to march for something stupid, or your damn votes to get into office…You’ll had better learn to be a bit more politically sofisticated… 

        • Anonymous

          You need to get over this Obama rant of yours and come up with some real solutions!

    • Anonymous

      I ask myself the same question, why would they allow themselves in this kind of video?  How stupid they look.  Why did not they go and get some white people to play the thugs? I am very up set of this stupid Video. 

  • Anonymous

    Why is anyone shocked or surprised at anything the right wing does? They’re desperate,they see their majority slipping away in the near future and would love to go to an Apartheid system but they can’t because there are too many Hispanics and African Americans in the volunteer army. So they try to do everything to demean you and stop you from voting (like drastically cutting down on early voting days, and rearranging voting districts to keep you marginalized). It’s what they do.Would you be surprised if you’re walking through the desert and a snake tries to bite you? Why are these snakes any different?

  • Altha Cutright

    Now you know today you can’t keep up with the Jone family what you don’t know, this family been DEAD for many years. But there are a lot’s of families don’t know this so they continual trying to keep up with the Jones.