Woman Gets Facebook Hitman to Murder Her Child’s Father

Your Black World Reports

People vent on facebook.  They celebrate.  They network. They solicit people for jobs.  Twenty-year-old London Eley asked for someone to kill the father of her child.  And she found him.

“I will pay somebody a stack to kill my baby father.”

This is the facebook status Eley posted on May 23 after having an argument with her child’s father.   It was used as evidence to arrest her on June 10 for offering a hitman $1,000 to get the job done.


The first reply to her status was from 18-year-old Tim Bynum.  He wrote, “say no more, what he look like?”

The victim’s aunt saw the post, alerted her nephew and the two went straight to the police.

“He has guns in his pictures and all that on facebook,” the alleged victim said. “Of course you wouldn’t take anything like that lightly.”

Bynum’s mother, Madeline Wimberly, believes the situation was exaggerated.  “He would never do anything like that and it was just blown out of proportion,” she said.

The police were not convinced.

“We did a search warrant at his home on Friday,” said Lieutenant John Walker. “We recovered from inside the house a nine millimeter fully-loaded handgun.”

Eley was charged with conspiracy to commit murder and is being held on $250,000 bail.  Bynum, who was arrested on June 12, was charged with attempted murder and a weapons charge. He is being held on $350,000 bail.

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  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Shakka-Zulu/1379420279 Shakka Zulu

    This is the one of the dumbest thing I have heard you going on social network sites to solicit for murder, what the hell is this world becoming? Your dumb azz should not have gotten pregnant in the first place, don’t you know about something called birth control? Now these three people lives are pretty much done, this baby will be placed in foster care, this woman will have a criminal record and will not be able to vote or hold a decent job…This so called hit man will also do sometime in prison and will also have a felony record and the vicious spiral will continue…

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_EGXZ26MK42CPGJ2FMIR3VXS4T4 flextime

    Hey the new way to get child support..

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_EGXZ26MK42CPGJ2FMIR3VXS4T4 flextime

    Hey the new way to get child support..

  • Malikshy

    Be careful what you wish for…
    Well Shakka Zulu unfortunately there are choices that people make that will cause them much challenge throughout life. I don’t think the baby will be in Foster Care though, I’m sure there is the father or family, relatives, or caring friends that will step in before that happens but the father has just won his right to the child as the “more fit parent” since mommy is a “hit for hire” guru! A terrible thing right? How crazy is it to post a hit on something like FB with millions of fans.
    Justice will be served.

  • Harry

    Gee whiz is the Black Community becoming pyschotic or what? A Hitman to kill your child’s father what an ignorant idea!  As is often said: this is a teaching moment at its most luminous. How in the heck is the kinlling of the Black man a solution? America take you head out! Black Brother stand tall face your responsibilities. Be the great conquerer you are. And Sisters all show your richness, your beauty. and your love for your  Black King for you are  his Black Queen always. Signed, a Black  American named Harry.

  • Mskane808

    i MSKANE will be speaking on this tonight 347 327 9526 blogtalkradio.com/mskanepromotions live 10-10:30pm central time 6-14-11

  • Sassysista

    It is not just Bishop Long.  Pastors of these Mega Churches see themselves as gods and wealthy elitists.  I belong to a church in Nashville,TN.  It is a Mega church.  The pastor(JW Walker of Mt Zion) preachers the word, does his theatrics, stirs up the congregation’s emotions with moving music and song.  Then, they ask you for a special gift to pay off an indebted church building that you have no say in how it is run, who is hired to work there, nothing.  The message has always been:  give us your money and frankly, if the donation is not generous enough, you are a non entity.  He lives in the wealthy community of brentwood in a mansion in a gated community.  I remember shaking his hand briefly and was trying to tell him I enjoyed his message, he looked right past me to the next congregant as if to say, move on .  i will always remember his coldness.  He told us once, make sure if he is counseling us, we need to talk about the issue in 15 minutes, because there is little time to dawdle.  I cannot believe I even went back.  so many single black women flock there looking for validation, or pie in the sky reinforcement.  but at the end of the day, he drives his fleet of luxury vehicles back to his gated home and the members of mt zion, bless our misguided hearts, go back to our situations  to fend for ourselves.  OUr church does not have a track record for financially assisting its members in any substantial way.  in fact, before they help you, your tithing record is pulled.  IF you are not a faithful tither, you are referred to big brothers or some other organization.  So sad.

    • http://www.facebook.com/people/Shakka-Zulu/1379420279 Shakka Zulu

      Why the hell are you still a member at this church and giving them your money? This is the brain dead, lame duck behavior that has black folks in the perpetual beggar status we’re currently occupying…You know for a fact this pimp is living with whitey behind security gates to keep out people who looks like you, yet you allow him to live like a baller at your expense?…I would suggest you save the money you are paying in tithes for your rainy day fund…Your bible said to take care of your own first, before helping others…Single black women are the biggest supporters of these churches, you should be asking yourself why? Since you are in a weak fragile position, you’re looking for a mate and you idealize that mate in your pastor…This is the main reason why many of you end up being used in sexual relationships with these pimps who only see you as someone to gratify their sexual urges and nothing else…If all you people will walk away from these churches, you will force this pimp to get a job, get his hands dirty, and pull his children out of the best private schools that you’ll are paying for, while your children are in over crowded classrooms, in under-funded districts…

    • shehiplocki

      ..and you continue to attend this church, why? I once attended a church where first every one was to hug each other{ don’t like} and then when It was time to walk around to make offering and shake the preachers hand he rubbed the bill I was holding…I didn’t go back there..I always believed that the donations/tithes were there to help people down on their luck, emergencies, education etc. I refuse to attend a church where the preacher flaunts his wealth and doesn’t help  it’s parishioners, that is not what God is supposed to stand for.  Also any preacher that lives in a multi-million dollar mansion, doesn’t need my money, I’ll give it to the Salvation Army or the Goodwill. Don’t be a fool for the image of the greedy churches.

  • http://twitter.com/pastorofplur pastorofplur

    Wait, did he say anything more after “say no more what he look like?” Or was that it?

  • Ms Ann

    Facebook is a social network and people feel that they can express their frustration/comments in their state of anger/depression and people respond lightly not thinking its serious.I believe it was not a serious threat and she probably didn’t have 100 pennies.I hope the DA sees this as frivolous antic and move on with real cases.

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100000737926159 Imso Uhoez