Staged or What? Woman Comes Up and Gives Eddie Long a Big Wad of Cash

In this shocking video, Bishop Eddie Long is giving a sermon during the week of his massive financial settlement to the four men accusing him of sexual coercion.  Inexplicably, a woman walks up to Bishop Long and gives him a giant wad of cash and then hugs him to show her undying support for the past.

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  • Aaron

    NON-Bishop Long is still Bull S’n his flock as well Creflo Dollar, maybe Creflo’s wife need to check his booty!

    • Froove7l

      That’s not nice. Your not a Christian 

      • Csnap92969


      • Beverly Goodwin

        Froovie, stay out of grown folks conversation.  xtian schitt my a$$.

    • Csnap92969


  • Reggie Sutton

    Staged events often work for sheep’s.Notice that the whole sermon changed when money (out of order) took the stage.No envelop, bag truly for week naive people to see $$$ and (Sheep) follow suit.Eddie Long paused as if he was waiting for something after giving a cue.What a nice pigeon drop that was, then others became (Suckers) victims.Shame shame, desperation for money stoops to an all time low.the lamp stand is definitely down to a flicker.It aint over.

    • Froove7l

      That’s not nice to talk about the pastor like that. 

      • Amrchf45

        Was it nice for pastor to be banging those guys while he had a fine sister to call his wife? This same pastor who suppose to be preaching spirtuality and leading his flock to heaven?

      • Csnap92969


      • Beverly Goodwin

        puleeze.  I will dog that pastor and yours too.

  • Shakka Zulu

    This was a performance like all performance put on by these pimps…This broke ass looking woman with the terrible weave, walking up and putting money in the hands of Long, was too over the top…Fine out what this woman does for a living and where did she get money bundled like you would usually find in bank tellers bundle…If this does not get more people to see that these people are all about flash and no substance, then they are more brain dead than I thought and need to be put into the ground, because they are walking zombies…

  • Diana

    Very very very sad.  Just more brainwashing, but it seems like black people have no common sense.   They need a leader, even though Jesus is supposed to be our example.  They want a vain man, full of self seeking glory.  Him and Creflo, and many other have corrupted the churches of today.  I tell people all the time that God is real and to focus on Him and the Word of God.  Not these crooks and criminals and pimps that are preaching in the name of God.  They are preaching all right, but in their own little god.  Not the God I serve, but just like God brought Eddie down once, if he don’t repent and change, he will be going down for good and all of the rest of them.

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  • Pcblst

    Not only is it staged, it’s poorly staged.  When I say what I need,that’s when you come up & give me the money. I just can’t believe all the people he still has following him!

    • Froove7l

      When people have no relationship with God themselves  it becomes easy to settle for co-dependency . Its sad but it is what it …….

    • Wildflower95

      Do you remember Jim Jones and his followers..When you have a week mind anything is possible.  It seems his members forgot, God also gave them a mind for a reason.

  • Elfcl

    Why pay for your pastors PEDOPHELIA?? Is it because the boys are not family to you? Is it ok because “it didnt happen to mine”? Remember “GOD IS WATCHING……..FROM A DISTANCE…

  • Justlikeyou

    What happens in the link below has been happening at New Birth and ministries throughout the country EVERY WEEK for decades, but with all the media attention the ministry and Pastor has been getting since last September, it gives the perception as if this is staged, solicited, or downright greedy….. but, None of the aforementioned is true!!!
    Well it isn’t true in relation to this link! LOL

    No matter what any of us think, Bishop Eddie L. Long is one of The Lords servants, a man of God!
    But none of our socially persuasive and judgmental behinds should think we get a pass, or that title doesn’t fit us as well…..we too are ”The Lord’s servants and man/child of God!”
    Have we prejudged him and any other Shepherd “accused” of immoral acts or mishandling their elected office?
    KEYWORD = “ACCUSED”, not convicted, but “ACCUSED”
    Is the rationale behind the condemnation of Bishop Long due solely on what you “read or heard”, or is there concrete evidence to justify our position as judge and jury to this man who has served his family, congregation, community, and most importantly his Heavenly Father for most of his life?
    Is he guilty of the allegations? ….I don’t know, but what I do know is that he is a man and not GOD, which makes him a “sinner” like YOU and ME!!
    Has he broken any earthly laws? No charge has been made to that affect!!
    Has he broken any Godly laws? I don’t know in relation to the recent accusations, but like every last one of us here on earth, I’m sure he has broken his fair share of Godly laws….. isn’t that what a sinner is?
    I don’t go to church or read my bible as much as I know I should, but I was raised in the church and went to Sunday school throughout my youth, and with the lil knowledge of The Word that is instilled in me along with researching it within the bible, I can’t find where The Lord provides different levels of sin such as misdemeanors and felonies? Can any of you?
    “If” Bishop Long is guilty, he will have to answer to The Lord, period, point blank!! Not you, me, or anyone else that loves to read or hear juicy gossip or accusations in relation to recognizable figureheads.
    Let’s see, in the last 9 months, this is what most of us and many throughout the country have based your judgments on:
    1.    Picture taken of him in his bathroom with his phone. Which I’m sure some of you taken self portraits, maybe not in the bathroom though! LOL
    –       (not mentioned was that the picture want sent to any of the accusers, but taken off the phone which was reported stolen months prior to the accusations)
    2.    Highly solicited Interview from couple of accusers
    –       (not mentioned was how many times the accusers said “no” to interview requests and then quickly changed their mind when offered a few thousand dollars. Also, not as publicized was the fact that 2 of the accusers broke into Bishops office at the church after being kicked out of the ministry’s mentee program due to behavior, theft, etc., and swore they would make the ministry sorry)
    3.    Bishop Long reached settlement which gives guilty perception
    (not mentioned was how he desperately wanted to fight the accusations for as long as it would take to clear his name, and in order to do just that it woulda hurt New Birth as a whole more than it would have helped Bishop Long personally! He was advised that in order to fight and defend himself against the accusations, he would have to step down as Sr. Pastor…which his PRIDE wouldn’t allow him to do! So, he reached this settlement through the advisement of his family, legal team, church board, and ministry supporters.)
    What hasn’t been reported is also within the last 9 months:
    1.    In the middle of this turbulent time, The ministry, with the leadership of Bishop Long assisted more people with need in the first 6 months of 2011 than any other church or community organization in Greater Atlanta… saving families from foreclosure, providing employment and child care assistance, and “giving back” more than $370k in monetary gifts to provide food, clothing, healthcare and shelter for their parishioners and those who are/were in need . &
    2.    Over the last 3 years, The ministry, under the guidance and leadership of Bishop Long has been blessed with a 100% graduation rate from New Birth Christian academy and 100% have gone on to college!
    3.    Over the last 9 months, The ministry under the guidance and leadership of Bishop Long, has lost less than 200 members, but has acquired more than 700 new members since media eruption.
    4.    Before the many other disaster assistance agencies arrived, New Birth assembled a team within the first 24 hours of the recent tornados throughout the south and Midwest to provide food, clothing, shelter, medical assistance and money…..yes, money to those in need or without proper insurance!! Bishop Long asked everyone in his congregation to not refer to any of them as “victims”, but refer to them as “VICTORS”, because the Lord protected them and it was our duty as The Lords servants to assist them in their time of need!! Where was your ministry or missions group?
    No, I am not a member of New Birth, nor am I their spokesperson……if anything, I am just like most of you, quick to judge as soon as I hear anything juicy from multiple sources….as long as it’s not about ME!! LOL
    But, what I am is a father, husband, friend, businessman, and thick lamb amongst other sheep that could have easily went down a few wrong paths or grazed in poisonous pastures throughout “my life” if not for the guidance of good Shepherds.
    Bishop Eddie L. Long has been one of those Shepherds…. Not only for me, but for thousands of others throughout the world!
    I’m done! {dropping the mic}

    • BigBlackRod

      Methinks thou doth protest too much…PEACE.

    • The ReadyWriter

      Yes please drop the mic because the sneaky bishop’s good deeds will be “NAUGHT” for his secret homosexual behaivor and relentless arrogance! God is angry and “THE BEST OF REVELATION” is YET to come. Be not decieved God will never be mocked!

    • King Solomon

      Abstain from all appearance of evil……

  • Htownsphynest

    I mean for real. It makes no sense that someone out of the blue would do this. I mean look at the woman who gave the money. Wouldn’t she take more pride in her appearance? Wig horrible, suit wack and yet your handing lace front Eddie “Dead Wrong” Long a guap. Horrible acting on both parties!!!!! And members of the cult I mean New Birth, get a clue!

  • pnutbutta

    You know, people are innocent until proven guilty but just not sure of the alleged $25 million payout???? If one has “insurance” (as I’ve heard) for these types of allegations, why NOT have a case in court??  Just not sure of what’s reported or what actually happened but IF THIS IS NOT TRUE, why NOT fight it???  Then there’s the “money stash” brought to the stage….WHY? For this to be a “spur of the moment” thing, he didn’t even ASK what the money was for, where did it come from, who was giving it, etc. JUST SEEMS SO SUSPECT to me and then for the congregation to hoop and holler just because someone brought a wad of money to him???  SAD, SAD, SAD.  HE EVEN GOES SO FAR TO SAY, “today is HER day”…one day it’ll be YOUR day!! This is ridiculous and why would you want your congregation to do that?  Makes me think all of this was staged too; again I ask…..WHY WAS THIS SO RELEVANT????? Lord, help us all.

    • King Solomon (Insurance agent)

      Insurance companies would fight instead of paying out that kind of money. The payoff came from some other source.

  • Anonymous

    Of course it was staged. here is what gave it away. Immediately after receiving what I suspect was the stack of one dollars bills. Long abandons his “we need vision” pretext sermon to encourage his remaing flock to follow suit.

    It would have been more convincing had a seasoned God fearing sister with the mature look, style and wear for all had approached him. Instead they had a sister approach him and give him the dollar bills as if he was the pimp and she was the prostitute and since it was staged beforehand no one in his security team, deacons, workers, worshippers or assistant pastors moved to challenge the sisters advance because they knew what was coming. 

    At the onset of his allegations for sexual abuse and pastorial misconduct  a man from the congregation shouted out, “Eddie tell us the truth, did you do it?” and Eddie’s security team snatched up the man with the quickness and lead the church member out of the sanctuary but this time they knew what was about to happen and stood down.

    It was all for show right down to the video recording and the reporting and I will bet dollars to donuts on it.

    Eddie long is fake, fraudulent and a his only saving grace is that he resides in the part of the south where the white folks and their laws could care less about black men sucking penis and doing each other in the rectum just as long has they stay away from their white women.

    Sincerely, Enoch Mubarak
    President/CEO Mubarak Inter-prizes

  • Missed

    Now that was out of order, God do thing decent and in order She should have gave it during offering or before service or after service,  we are not to bring attention to ourselves. now keep mouth off.

  • Beverly Goodwin

    I can imagine Fast Eddie calling his ho’ and yelling at her saying, “B” you better have my money at the pulpit at 8:00 a.m. and like a good ho’ she’s there with his money.

  • Calistamarsh180

    It makes me sad that the people who really need God, have to be subjected to corrupt teaching. People like Mr. Long work for satan…that is not a man of God! People, please learn to know God for yourself.