Is Roland Martin Defending Tracy Morgan’s Homophobic Remarks?

The following is a column recently published by Roland S. Martin:

Why is comedian and “30 Rock” star Tracy Morgan issuing a mea culpa for saying nasty, vicious and vile things during a stand-up routine? Isn’t that par for the course of a comedian?

Oh, I can’t wait to see the hate mail pile into my box for supposedly defending Morgan, who ripped into gays and lesbians during a stand-up act last week in Tennessee, even suggesting in his bit “how he’d stab his son to death if he said he was gay.”

The moment the saw crossed the wires, I naturally cringed. Who in their right mind would say such a thing about his gay son? No person in his or her right mind! Except for a comedian who is accustomed to saying shocking things on stage to get a laugh.

The comedy routine picked up steam in the social media world when Kevin Rogers, who attended the Nashville show, ripped Morgan in a Facebook post entitled, “Why I No Longer Like Tracy Morgan.”

Rogers says the Morgan stand-up routine crossed the line and that Morgan’s demeanor changed.

Once word of the routine spread, it lead to calls for action against Morgan by Human Rights Campaign, the largest gay and lesbian civil rights organization, and even a mea culpa from the theatre where it was held.

In their statement, Fred Sainz, vice president of communications for Human Rights Campaign, said: “Hateful remarks that mock youth suicides and the very real emotional and sometimes physical bullying LGBT kids face on a daily basis have no place in a comedy routine.”

Morgan, clearly sensing a storm brewing, issued an apology.

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  • Kevin T.

    I’m a fan of Rowland,s. but, If he’s going to excuse Tracy’s rant because he is a standup comedian who walks on the edge, it confirms my belief that Michael Richard’s rant should not have ended his career. Yes, Michael’s hateful words were directed at heckliers. To his credit however, he publicly apoligized and sought insight to his ignorance in the reverend Jesse Jackson. It was attributed as damage control. I’m sure that was part of it. Let’s objectively ask ourselves how what Tracy is doing is not the same thing. We,ve been on the receiving end of racisit public statements enough to understand the outrage that the gay & lesbian community must feel. So much is going on in America because there is no accountability or consequences.

    • Anonymous

      Richards rant was no different then things I hear ever day from black folks.  Ditto for Imus’s comments.  Why should Richards have had to apologize to Jackson?  Jackson calls Jews “hymie” and called Obama the N word and threatened to casterate him. 

  • Diana B.

    While I do not agree with Mr. Morgan’s rant, I have to wonder why this outrage is not shown when African-American youth are bullied, taunted and even killed because of the rampant racism in this country.  More and more we hear of people who must apologize to gays for statements made  – but where is the concern and outrage for the almost daily examples of racism in this country.   When you read stories about police killings and brutality, instutional racism and hundreds of years of disparate treatment that African-Amerians are still forced to indure I find it difficult to be upset at comments made by a comedian.

  • MrUnapologetic35

    Of course he’s defending Morgan.  I would very curious to know what’s Roland stance on Homosexuality? 

    • Shakka Zulu

      What difference does it make what his views are? Another man plugging each other  in their anus or women using artificial objects that’s the same as a male penis for sexual gratification is still wrong and non productive…