Herman Cain Says He Won’t Sign Bills Longer than Three Pages

Elliot Millner, J.D.

You have to give it to Republican Presidential candidate Herman Cain; he knows how to keep his name in the news. At a recent speech in Iowa, Cain criticized the lengths of bills that are passed by Congress, particularly the 2,700 healthcare bill. He stated that these bills were too long for average people who had other responsibilities to read. Cain stated, “That’s why I’m only going to allow small bills..three pages. You’ll have time to read that one over the dinner table.”

I’ll give Mr. Cain the benefit of the doubt and assume that some of this was just campaign talk, and that he didn’t actually mean three page bills. Maybe I’m assuming too much, but I’d like to think that Mr. Cain knows that it is not possible to include all of the information necessary for a bill(any bill) governing the entire country to fit into three pages.

Republicans have been using the non-issue of bill length as a talking point for a couple of years now. It seems to play well to at least a portion of their audience who clearly don’t like to read. The reality is that much of the information included in legislation is technical, and absolutely necessary. The average person wouldn’t read it whether it was 2,000 pages or 20. Several pieces of legislation have been thousands of pages prior to President Obama taking office; it is not a new thing.

You may not like Herman Cain, but he know’s his audience, and he knows what they want to hear. What they want to hear may be childish; it may be factually wrong. But, it’s keeping Cain’s name higher in early polls than a lot of more well-known Republicans.


  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Shakka-Zulu/1379420279 Shakka Zulu

    Cain can say whatever he wants on the campaign trail, but once you get into that vertex call Washington Politics, he’ll be singing a different tune…Look at what happened to Obama, even though they did not have to do much arm twisting to get him to become their puppet, he was a willing participant to his Uncle Tomism…