Yes, Bill Collectors May Be Following You on Facebook and Twitter

by Ayvaunn Penn,

People these days have no qualms about walking around naked — even in front of strangers. If you beg to differ, naked is what you might as well be when you strip yourself of all of your privacy via the internet — the latest fashion these days. Privacy is so last season, but I promise you will want to think twice before jumping on this bandwagon.   If you go stripping yourself before the world, debt collectors are also gazing at you through your WWW window. That’s right! Debt collectors are now using social networks such as Facebook and Twitter to follow people who owe them the bucks and see what they’re up to.

This probably makes those of you in debt want to take down those status updates that read something like “Just got a new iPhone!” and “At the Galleria with Billy and Joe shoppin’ it up.” If this is so, good. That is one of the steps you can take to protect yourself from disguised debt collectors who want to be your friend. Lynnette Khalfani-Cox of The Grio makes the following suggestions: