Rihanna on the Cover of Cosmo

by: PatriceJohnsonYour Black World

Rihanna talks to Cosmopolitan Magazine…

Ri-Ri is going to be on the July cover of Cosmopolitan Magazine and she gets straight down to business…

In this particular article, the singer speaks about being tough in the music industry and how she survived with everything that has happened to her in this past couple of years.

“Being made into a strong woman was not easy,” she said. She wants people to understand that life is what made her strong.  It is also what kept her pushing to become a mega star. She also says that she never depended on anyone to give her fame, she always knew that if she wanted it bad enough she would have to go out and get it herself.

Rihanna sets an example for young women with her courage and focus.  She wanted it and with that urge for success she was able to make all of her dreams come true…Go Ri-Ri!!!!!!!!