Atlanta Model Falls Ten Stories to Her Death

Police in Atlanta are saying that a model fell 10 stories to her death out of the window of an Atlanta hotel.  This weekend, Lashawna Threatt died as she and several friends were celebrating her birthday at the “W” hotel in downtown Atlanta.  The accident allegedly occurred as Threatt was play fighting with another woman, and then fell after she bumped into the window.

“I would think that something would really, really have to go really wrong to fall out the window, because these windows seem pretty sturdy,” said hotel guest, Steven Bailey.

Police are saying that Threatt fell to the sidewalk and died.  Her friend fell and landed on a balcony.   The friend was taken to a nearby hospital.


  • Shakka Zulu

    This does not make any sense..I have stayed in that hotel and dont see how this person could have fallen out the window..Sounds more like a push, and this case should be consider a murder..Check who else was in the room and what type of relationship they had with this young lady..My gut instinct tells me it’s either drugs, money, man related, or jealousy that is at the root of this death..

    • Deliveranceforthree

      Are you serious. You apprently did  not know how close these girls were. And even if that was the case and some one pushed her. Which is not the case.  The glass shold have never broke. PERIOD. The glass should have been sturdy enough for a very large man or woman to fall into and not even think to shadder. This is a hotel we are speaking of. It shold have the best damn glass out there.

  • bajookie

    OMG! That is NOway to end a day in honor of life. It’s like crazier and crazier things are happening these days. This world is insane. For the record…I do think it’s fishy that sister girl just fell out the window…May the investigations begin!

    • Deliveranceforthree

      I did not mean to like this status. Yeah let the investagation begin on the HOTEL and the glass this building is made out of.

  • Mike Harris

    I agree with both of the previous comments on this one. It’s definitely a reflection on how reckless & insane this world has become, this is clearly another example. It appears that there’s some very suspicious circumstances that say alcohol, drugs in addition to a possible argument over money, a man, etc. played a role in this sudden disaster. Unfortunately, many young people today are into some wild, crazy & unpredictable activity based on all the drugs & alcohol out there. So sad… 

  • Decarrbeauty

    While it could totally be true that more was going on in that hotel room that has already been mentioned, I find it odd that the window was broken through at all. Her family needs to know if it is reasonable that the breaking of the glass should have ever occurred at all (in turn preventing the fall from ever having occurred.) There are many questions that should be addressed:
    How much did the model weigh?
    What was the weight of the friend who pushed the model?
    Were they standing still at the time of the push or were they in motion preceeding the push?
    How close to the window were they when the push occurred?
    Verification of whether the incident was truly a result of horseplay or if there was an actual altercation as the cause.

    The “W” is a fairly new hotel chain… aren’t hotel windows supposed to be thick, and made of reinforced materials? 
    What are the specs for the hotel & materials used in building it – specifically window pane & reinforcements?
    What is the state safety regulation compliance code regarding commercial property?
    Was the hotel “up to code” regarding the regulation standards & inspection?  

    Just some of my thoughts as a former insurance claims adjuster.

  • Tychallat7

    I smell something foul here.