Psychology Today FINALLY Apologizes for Saying Black Women Less Attractive: Apology NOT Accepted

by Dr. Boyce Watkins, Your Black World.

Well, they’ve finally broken down and done what they needed to do last week.  After tremendous public scrutiny, Psychology Today has issued an apology for the shocking article published on their site which claimed that black women are less attractive than women from other races.  The article, written by Satoshi Kanazawa, an Evolutionary Psychologist with the London School of Economics, drew a firestorm of controversy from people around the world.   I was personally outraged by the article, for it is shocking to me that someone would go out of their way to try and “scientifically” insult an entire race of people.

Kaja Perina, Editor-in-Chief of the Magazine, issued this statement:

“Last week, a blog post about race and appearance by Satoshi Kanazawa was published–and promptly removed–from this site. We deeply apologize for the pain and offense that this post caused. Psychology Today’s mission is to inform the public, not to provide a platform for inflammatory and offensive material. Psychology Today does not tolerate racism or prejudice of any sort. The post was not approved by Psychology Today, but we take full responsibility for its publication on our site. We have taken measures to ensure that such an incident does not occur again. Again, we are deeply sorry for the hurt that this post caused.”

Excuse me for sounding unscholarly when I say this, but I have one question for Kaja Perina, Professor Kanazawa and the rest of the Psychology Today staff:  What in the hell is wrong with you?

I remain flabbergasted that an article of this nature could make it to the pages of a magazine which considers itself a credible source of scientific information.  Who was doing the editing on the website?  If there had been no backlash, would this article have remained online?  Also, why did you remain so stoic when the public made it clear that they were highly-upset with the article?  Were you wondering if Professor Kanazawa could actually prove his claims?

In a separate piece, Dr. Scott Barry Kaufman, a Cognitive Scientist out of New York City, made a seemingly harmless, yet subtly troubling statement about Professor Kanazawa’s research:

“Kanazawa mentions several times that his data on attractiveness are scored “objectively”… [However] the low convergence of ratings finding suggests that in this very large and representative dataset, beauty is mostly in the eye of the beholder. Because raters differ strongly in terms of how they rate… this source of variation needs to be taken into account when testing for average race differences in ratings of attractiveness. Kanazawa does not indicate that he did so.”

I appreciate Dr. Kaufman supporting the cause of black women and men around the world by seeking flaws in the methodology used by Dr. Kanazawa, but there’s one glaring problem:  The man is dead wrong.  What if Professor Kanazawa were the most thorough, competent researcher on the planet and came to these same conclusions?  Would that mean that black women are less attractive than women of other races?  Absolutely not.

There actually was a time when the best researchers in the world had no problem laying out complex and carefully-considered scientific theories and tests to prove that black people are uglier, dumber and more violent than everyone else.  Millions of black mothers (including my own) are presented with a list of charts and tables from so-called educated people to prove beyond any doubt that their children are inferior to white kids.  Black children across America are being put on unnecessary mind-altering drugs at an early age because some “scientist” concluded that they have a behavioral disorder – never mind the fact that black kids are far more likely to receive this arbitrary diagnosis than white children.  Starting long before the radiation experiments that literally left black people with holes in their heads, people of color have regularly found ourselves disrespected, attacked and perpetually damaged by so-called scholars in academia who are not smart enough to know that there is a thin line between academic elitism and institutionalized racism.

So, here’s the bottom line:  Psychology Today should have apologized sooner.  Black men should have been (and some were) on the front lines defending black women when their beauty was assaulted.  The same way that this professor and magazine claimed that black women are less attractive than women of other races, there are other studies saying that black women are too fat, their lips are too big, and their hair is too nappy.  As a result, it’s hard for me to prepare my daughter and God daughters for a world that decided long ago that black women are not as important as everyone else.  To be quite frank, I’m just sick of it.

Psychology Today, thank you for your apology,  but unfortunately, your apology is not accepted.  You should never have allowed this assault on black women to occur in the first place, for it feeds into a broader effort to fundamentally undermine the value and self-esteem of our mothers, daughters, wives, sisters and grandmothers.  Perhaps when it comes to acknowledging the impact that racism has on our perceptions of other human beings, we might take a second and accept the fact that even analysis that appears to be scientific is impacted by the biases of the researcher.  The beauty of black women is simply not up for debate.


Dr. Boyce Watkins is a Professor at Syracuse University and founder of the Your Black World Coalition.  To have Dr. Boyce commentary delivered to your email, please click here.




  • Brook

    I can’t believe they said this.  The story should never have done up. 

  • Higgspatricia

    Only thing we can do is except the apology, even if they mean it or not. God knows there hearts and intentions if they mean it. And they have to stand before God for this. Never one day in my life I felt that black women are ugly. The hearts of those that feel that way, comes from with in. That the words that comes from there mouth shows the ugliness of who they really are. Its hard some times just except apology. And let God handle the rest.

    • Brook

      I don’t accept their apology.  If they were sorry, they wouldn’t have done it in the first place.  A murderer can’t just apologize and be forgiven for killing someone, he still goes to jail and pays a price.  This magazine should never be bought by another black person ever again. 

    • Anonymous

      Has it ever occurred to you that your belief in God had to come from somewhere other than your own mind? Don’t you realize that the white people have been destroying nations, murdering people and instilling their cultures with the European belief in God?
      Do you understand that many native Americans (Indians  as the whites named them) refused to belief what these Europeans were pushing and because of it they were murdered in mass? Do you think that kidnapped Africans packed in slave ships knew ‘God’ or the bible or Christianity or Catholicism etc.? No! We have been indoctrinated with religious beliefs here and abroad. It doesn’t matter where you learned about a ‘God’ thing you learned it from another person. another human being and in our case the white conquerors were pushing this controlling device on unsuspecting. and very ignorant victims.

      You may not understand what I’m trying to convey to you, but if you try to understand it without a closed stubborn mind, you might see that it’s all a real big hoax. What’s more, your mind can never see much clearer without relieving yourself of this religious mindset.
      It’s a shame, that as billions suffer and die in horrid ways, they believe in things they have no true knowledge of, but because they were convinced so long ago, and they see so many around them just as convinced, they never look deeper. It’s as much a psychological problem as any of the other rare psychiatric problems humans suffer.
      I really wish that people wouldn’t try to push their God beliefs on others, but they do it without realizing that they are violating other people with their constant mentioning of this mythological creature. Many humanoids are too confused to see that others were murdered and their lands stolen by the same groups (Anglo-Saxons) that push these God beliefs.

      It’s a catch 22. You can’t see it unless you get out of it, and you can’t get out  of it unless you try to, but you won’t try to because you can’t see it.

      In the long run you relate everything in your life to an omnipotent being you’ve been taught to believe is called ‘God’, when you really have no idea what is out past your realm of mind. Science is the only venue that humans have to find out what is going on, but the retards have made up their mind and they have infected most of the world with their distorted thinking. It’s what has caused so much death and destruction around the world and it will continue as long as the lunatics are running this institution we call the World!

  • the_problem_child

    It’s not just black men who should have been out there defending black women’s beauty. Hell, all men and women should be doing it.

    • Anonymous

      You are correct.  From what I’ve read, others have been.  I certainly have.

  • Shakka Zulu

    I dont give a damn what kind of apology they want to come out with one week later, this is all about selling magazines and not becasue they disagree with the scholarly work of their collegue..I get tired of white people and their surrogates disrespecing the black family, then coming back with these back handed apologies..I would still not buy any publications from this institutions..LSE (London School of Economics) is the breeding ground where all these right wings are taught their skills, to come back and fill these right wing think tanks, like the Brookings Institute, Council on Foreign Relations and all the other usual suspects…

  • miseagle1013

    I do not accept their apology, because I believe that deep inside their hearts that they still stand by what they said but since they recieved so much back lash, this is why an apology was given. Since they doing psychology about race maybe they need to seek a little deeper to find out why so many white girls are trying to get the same looks as black women. Yeah! like getting thicker lips, getting surgeries for bigger tits and hips and butts. Arent these the things that the white men said for years that makes us so unattractive. Yeah! let them do a scientific facts on that.

    • Nowayjose

      Absolutely they stand by what they said.  Why shouldn’t they?  Look, when a black man makes it to the top — Tiger Woods, Seal, OJ Simpson — they go get themselves a white blonde.  Because that’s what they see as the BEST.

      I can understand black people being hurt by this.  Maybe it could have been said more diplomatically. But sometimes the truth does hurt.

      • PureLogic

        You sound like a bigot.

      • Anonymous

        You are so clueless…  Black men such as Tiger, Seal Esp OJ, see the White woman as the slap in the face to the White man. Look, I have one of your women. Perhaps, you should ask, why White women date/mate Black men…  I don’t think they are force to… Your White women, don’t want White men…

        • Stoke

          The vast majority of whites don’t race mix, despite the nonstop barrage of media agitprop dedicated to convincing them to commit racial suicide.

          • Anonymous

            The vast majority of Black women don’t mix race. They don’t want to pollute their pool…

          • Stoke

            And I agree with them wholeheartedly.

            Race mixing is death in the most fundamental sense.

          • Fidelity

            If race mixing is death, the whole world be extinct already, instead of over populated. Everyone is mixed throughout the entire world. You sound crazy! 

  • Anonymous

    Super White People, Beautiful White People. No Blacks Allowed:
    What they mean is that African-Americans ect. Who look ‘black’ are not appealing to the overall ‘Americanized’ society! Some people say that they don’t watch television, but I believe everyone should, if only to see the discrepancy of representation between ‘White’, or light complexioned people and ‘black’, or darker complexioned people.

    We are rarely represented at any given time of the day on every major channel. The television blatantly exposes the level of racism in this country, but no one seems to notice, or care, or speak out about it. Maybe they can’t see what television is doing to the society.
    In almost every show, every news media, every movie, every reality special, every game show, every talk show, every facet of all medias, whites and light complexioned people are praised, and shown as beautiful, powerful, and good. The numbers of whites in the most popular and praiseworthy positions are overwhelming. The number of blacks in these positions are almost none. It appears that ‘black’ skinned people have no social appeal according to television which is like the eye of the society!

    As far as this white-washed ‘Americanized’ social structure is concerned, blacks are not appealing because we have been shut out of the beauty structure created by a white owned/ oriented, media. It also appears that people would rather not see blacks on TV because they are already keyed into the beauty and power of the white “race”. Psychologically this is why we are less appealing. Not just our women, but blacks in general. Even many of us would rather watch the pretty white people, or those who look like whites. It’s how nearly everyone tends to judge beauty.

    I spoke to a friend about the way the top-heavy white television media makes white people appear as super-people. He thought I meant, like a batman, or superman, but what I meant is that they represent themselves as the most powerful people. Nearly every character will show whites as those with the greatest strengths, the prettiest faces, the blonds are always portrayed as super-cops, super medical examiners, super lawyers, super doctors, super everything on television, and actual superheroes. They even went so far as to create a whole super-white family drama called, “No Ordinary Family”.

    Yes it’s true that television presents lots of unnecessary junk, but it also shows you what people are doing,  thinking, and what they like, in a fashion. Television is geared to affect the mind psychologically. When something negative happens and the “leaders” want us to either forget about it or change our emotional feelings about it they will make a TV show that turns it around. (When the Rampart Police scandal broke out I knew that we would be in for a rash of cop shows that would put cops in the best light) Now we are overwhelmed with these type of shows, except there are few shows to put blacks on the same level as whites. [There has been a great uptick of homosexual shows but it’s because of the numbers of white homosexuals].

    When I turned channels on the TV twenty five or more years ago I would see only white faces. Today not much has changed, and there is a serious psychological process going on through television viewing. It shows how prejudiced, racist, and unequal our society remains, as it conditions the minds of the society with the notions that ‘white’ people are pretty, powerful, good, and special, and if it isn’t showing black people in a poor light, it’s not showing us at all. How is the rest of the world supposed to see us if there is very little of our beauty and strength shown around the clock, like it is that of whites?

    That said. The psychiatry, and overall medical industry, just as practically all industry in this very racist country, is overwhelmingly ‘White’ owned and operated. They have more to apologize to us about than calling us ugly. They should start by adjusting the playing field to fairness, but we should all understand that the only thing they are fair about is sharing their  superstitious, antiquated, inadequate, and mythological faith/religions.

    • Eric Cartman

      Total BS.  Watch LAW & ORDER on TV, and the smart folks are the black folks and the criminals are the whites.  No just a few shows, but every one.  If a black is depicted as committing a crime it is only because he gave in to the greater evil of the white man, and the black really did have a good heart.  It was the white (a probably a christian) who is depicted as the real villain.  Watch one episode.  Does not matter which one as they all follow the same pattern, guaranteed

      • Anonymous

        @dcd9fcbe567b137bed76d18731f037e1:disqus : That’s absurd! I don’t know what shows you’ve been watching. It always seems that no matter what point I try to make there will be those who would rather not listen to the message but find at least one thing in it that they can build a disagreement on.

        This is why the country is so screwed up with a bunch of white retards leading it while thinking they are god’s gift to mankind. Far from it!
        There were so few blacks on television that Rev. Jesse Jackson and his band of merry saints had to protest the tv stations. Yet there are still a million discrepancies.Racism and discrimination runs rampant today!

        The fact still remains that we are living in a country that is owned and operated by some vile and self-serving white people. They continue to take whatever they want from other people while somehow convincing everyone that they are good. That’s what is laughable! If the issues weren’t so devasting to human life I would laugh at this irony. Oh, but wait! They are so pretty too!

  • Anonymous

    We live in a world where our family with a lighter complexion has conquered and impressed on us, its psychological determinations of what beauty is. In other words the whole world is conditioned according to the beauty of the conquerors. Unless they are shut off from these European conquerors for generations they will view the world through the eyes of the “White Man”.
    As we live and breath in a country that we know was taken by the Europeans (as we finally know what they did to the natives here), we should understand that these Anglo-Saxons contaminated our minds with their ways of being, their ways of thinking, their ways of doing,[ their ways].
    Today when you see something it is usually a representation of what whites say it is. Everyone is judging themselves according to white beauty. It is exactly why we dress like them, straighten our hair, talk like them, eat like them and pray to their form of religion with their concocted [bible]. We as blacks have been raised to believe in the way of the white man, but it isn’t just blacks who believe in this way it is nearly everyone who becomes ‘Americanized.

    If an Asian girl spends each week watching ‘Ellen Degeneres’ on television she will begin to not only admire her, but all of the people on her show which will always be more white/Jew, than anything else. She will relish in the warmth and beauty of this white lady and her mind will unconsciously register this white lady and others like her as good, beautiful, gentle, kind, giving, and special. This Asian girl will find it easier to relate to white people because they portray themselves in a good, kind and powerful light every chance they get. We are flooded with the beauty, power and goodness of white people and we tend to view everyone else or size everyone up according to how white they look.
    It is the European’s desire that everyone love them to keep people from hating them in lieu of all of the horrible things they have done and continue to do to the peoples of the world.

    They know how to sell themselves using a media they own and control. They know that everyone is feeling good about them because they have conditioned our minds that way.

    As for beauty. We are so immersed into the white European lifestyle and beauty. We cannot judge ourselves by our own standards because our African standards have been disrupted along with many of our past cultural ideals. We are quick to criticize each other if our face is darker, or our nose and lips are bigger than what an Anglo’s features are.
    If we had been left untampered with, so to know our own culture, our own language, and judged ourselves by African standards we would not so cherish the lighter complexion, the sharper nose, the smaller lips, the straighter hair etc. We would see our beauty in a totally different way.
    Those Africans left untouched by whites (If any still exist) would see their beauty in their strong features which were genetically created from the environment they evolved in. Whites evolved in cold climates with raw meat as a diet. Africans evolve in warm climates, with vegetation and meat and a constant hot sun. If the human animal evolved eating mostly raw animal meat and little vegetation, because of the snow and ice, they would be without much skin color from the sun. and evolve as violent creatures. They would have to move to find food, and would kill and pillage as they found others in their paths. Africans evolved where vegetation grew everywhere. I try to explain, that if an animal eats nothing but meat, you cannot hold it without it biting you, that’s your Anglo. If an animal eats vegetation, you can hold it and cuddle it, that is how humans with more sun in their lives evolved. Those humans who ate raw meat became the violent conquerors, those humans who ate more mixed diets became the more humble and friendly and conquered peoples.
    This is why we were all so overwhelmed by the Europeans.

    Now that we have been slaughtered and conquered by our European counterparts, we are celebrating their beauty and they are making sure we think they are everything special. We do not judge ourselves by our own culture’s beauty because we no longer have our own culture, and it appears that not even our looks are our own. There will always be exceptions to these rules but the fact of the matter is that a black person could just as well have written that report because there are plenty of us out there who think like that. It is our Euro-Americanized thought processes that we live and follow.

    • Steve

      No need for those agonizing sophistic twists and turns. Adapting to a hostile environment requires higher intelligence. That’s all.

      And Euros are more violent than blacks? Uh, huh. They’re just better at the organized application of violence, as they are at virtually everything else.

      • Anonymous

        @38a7f250b7b73cbed0976d14535b9c81:disqus “And Euros are more violent than blacks? Uh, huh. They’re just better at
        the organized application of violence, as they are at virtually
        everything else.”

        This is exactly what I mean by Euro-Anglo-Saxon aggrandizing themselves. They have created such a facade for themselves that  guarantees that most everyone will think they are better at everything than anyone, and that they are prettier than everyone, and that they are more intelligent than everyone, and that they are literally super people.

        The fact of the matter is that they are better at mass murder, stabbing in the back, lying, manipulation, destroying, stealing and plundering, and fabricating the notion that everything done well is a direct result of their participation and efforts.

        They have a knack for taking the works and intellectual machinations of others and claiming it as their own. (There is a reason why they hate the word retarded).

        The psychological aspects of their barbaric conquering endeavors overwhelm everyone and everything, and if you don’t like it they will make you like it! (They take credit for everything they have not done).

        So it isn’t that they are better at anything, it is that they are so violent and overbearing that they make you think that they are better, and at the same time, they slowly destroy the whole of mankind. They will deny this and they will find someone or something else to blame for this too!

        Anglos control the story of history as they cover up the most revealing truths by using a veil of state secrecy. In truth they are always scheming and always ready to murder under a cloak of goodwill and religious belief.

        Yet everyone considers them the most beautiful of our species. Our one species that they have so notoriously split into parts to promote division and to make pillaging that much easier.

        • Steve

          To take just one item, “big man”-style plundering is what passes for governance in most of SS Africa.

          • Anonymous

            @38a7f250b7b73cbed0976d14535b9c81:disqus “Big Man” style plundering? I have no idea what you mean by that but if you know how Africa has been and is still being plundered by Anglos you’re right!
            Try to look up information on ‘Economic Hitmen’ and you will read stories about how ‘Whites’ (especially U.S.), plunder weaker nations and leave their people in dire poverty!
            One of their methods has always been to use the leadership of a country to do their dirty work or get destroyed and replaced.
            This is why people like Saddam or Qaddafi fall to these European conquerors. It has always been the way things occur. That is how we got here. Kidnapping, pillaging, rape, manipulation etc. And they are all so pretty and god fearing while they do it!

        • Africa

          Wizardg,  I only have one thing to say about the comments that you made above. DITTO….

      • Coco Sista

        Wow, you are so racist! Blacks founded civilization and everything! You Whites stole everything from Blacks and you will get what you guys deserve one day. I don’t hate Whites but Whites like you get my rattled and upset and make me defend my race!

      • Coco Sista

        Wow, you are so racist! Blacks founded civilization and everything! You Whites stole everything from Blacks and you will get what you guys deserve one day. I don’t hate Whites but Whites like you get my rattled and upset and make me defend my race!

    • Africa

      Wizardg,  I must say that your comments in this article are totally on point.  Your article speaks with great volume. However, it saddens me to know that only a small percentage of our race is receptive to the words of wisdom that you provided.

      • Anonymous

        @52cc9b53b87fae55fbb6969d5432f681:disqus I am happy to know that there are at least a few of us out there who can actually see the whole story, get the picture, understand the nuances of the predicament we find ourselves in.
        It isn’t easy to understand this dilemma we face. There are so many convoluted issues that eventually link together somewhere.

        The problems with the whole of our society (and most of the world), is that it behooves the elite and self-serving to keep everyone confused, unaware, uninformed, satisfied with the status quo as it relates to them, and overall, left to fend for themselves. All this while the greedy elite (usual suspects), tamper with everything, including our minds.

        It’s difficult for people who are set in their ways, content, and overly conditioned to this ‘American Way’ to see what will become obvious if they would only try to learn and understand.

        The psychological footprint stamped into our society is started with a strong religious base. It appears that if you can get people to believe in mythology you can basically get them to believe just about anything. And believe they do! There is no way out of this madness. It has been imbedded too deeply!

        For those of us who can toss off the religious veil, the clarity is overwhelming. For those who leave the veil on it is like a set of blinders. This is why it is so important for the elite to spread religious beliefs all over the world.

        As for beauty. All peoples are one race, and our perception of human beauty, among many other things,  has been distorted.

        Thanks for your wisdom and acknowledgement ‘Africa’.

        • N.G.

          How do we reach our people to let them know, who/whom they are and what they each can become!  All the hatred, the killing done to each other is really just killing a little bit of each and everyone of ourselfs each day.  If our young even understand just a little bit how great and powerful they are. For an entire nation to go to this great a length to hid the truth speaks volumes to who/whom you are and who/whom they think you can become.

    • Anonymous

      OUT WITH THE OLD…….Now that we have been slaughtered and conquered by our European counterparts, we are celebrating their beauty and they are making sure we think they are everything special.”


      SEE THE NEW:

  • Beverly

    Is this all they can do is apology that is not saying much. When all else failed this is the only thing they have to come back with is too say SORRY. To degrade is very offensive and belittle to the black woman and should be ashame of what has been said. Here this person is suppose to be a Psychologist but he acted very unprofessional and not educated to who people are. Why cater to one race against the other, this was WRONG and he was not even on the same page as the human race, where has this person been? From his article surely not in our Society.

    I am not angry, as a black woman I see myself as very attractive and appealing. But for this person to write this article and not knowing what he was talking about that only show how full of it he is which I call IGNORANT.

  • Jeanette

    The application of the scientific method to the question of “what is beauty?” is always going to be doomed to failure, and moreover, to even ask such questions with race as a variable is enough to establish bias and ugly motivations.

    Not to mention that the man is an economist, and pretends to write about topics that are nowhere near the purview of his discipline. 

    Psychology Today was always a bit of a joke, but this is unforgivable.

  • MsObsidian

    What’s is up with all the recent attack on black women?!  Black women can’t find a man, black women are fat, dark skinned Black women are unattractive, etc.  It’s hurtful and I am sick of it.  I have been called these things in my personal life since I was a child.  It makes it even more hurtful when it is blasted all over the internet, magazines, blogs, and books.

    • Nowayjose

      I realize that black people might have been offended by the article, but the conclusions that it reached were true.

      • Toppergem

        What?  Really!

      • Anna

        you mean…your’s and who’s opinion!??

      • Jill

        it’s not the conclusion which offends black people, it’s the flawed analysis and the racist motives of the assessors

        • Nowayjose

          I disagree.  The conclusion would have been attacked NO MATTER how carefully done and scientifically valid the analysis.

      • Esoterics72

        Your Logo depicts you and your thinking.

      • Nancy Ellis

        That’s because of your limited mentality. preconceived  biases and down right stupidity.  By the way, include a picture of yourself for critiquing.

      • Sheldeon

        To Nowayjose:
        I did not read the article, however, I AM aware of some truths that Caucasians rarely admit about their race. 
        Throughout my 40+ years as an African American woman I have watched as my Caucasian female friends perm their straight, limp hair with tiny curlers to imitate my “kinky” little curls; tan all day in the sun or salon to reach the rich beautiful tones and hues that African-American women were naturally born with (even intentionally subjecting themselves to skin cancer in doing so); purchase tooth whitening products to enhance their appearance; add “blusher” to their cheeks and wear lipstick and eyeshadow to add color enhancement to their faces; pay to have their lips plumped in doctor’s offices to mimic my exotic look and sexy smile; and later subject themselves to botox and other toxins to reduce the aging process that quickly affects them as a result of their unhealthy tanning and skin elasticity issues, etc.  Caucasian females literally corner the market on expensive breast augmentation, breast implants and padded bras to increase the appearance of their breast size in order to compete with that of African American women; many purchase expensive ‘shapewear’ undergarments and some even pay for butt implants to get the sexy curves envied on African American females. 
        The list of Caucasian females imitating the natural beauty of African-American women goes on – not to mention their extreme fascination with African-American men in our households from our fathers and brothers to our sons.  It appears to me that the Caucasian race is the race who feels physically inferior and has tried to assimilate into the natural African American standard of beauty.  WE set the standard of beauty in this country. 
        I am definitely not a racist but a blind person can see the true iniferiority complex evident and at work. 
        Don’t even get me started on the Caucasian male’s penis-envy issue…with the Viagra and other male enhancement and supplement industry spending tens of billions of dollars on research and the next development of the penis equalizer. 

        • Robert

          There are some anti-psychotic pills out there with your name on them.

          “Natural beauty,” ROTFLMWAO. Many blacks don’t even look human.

          • Sheldeon

            As previously stated…obvious penis-envy at play here.

          • Elrancho2

            You’re right Sheldeon.  That is the key to it all.  Robert is envious and so he should be. If he had an ounce of inner-strength and self-esteem he wouldn’t need to put down anyone at all.

  • Katherine Ellington

    This demonstrates a need for diversity and inclusion practices at Psychology Today, more women and people of color are needed in leadership and editorial seats. Racism and gender inequality persists in America and around the world.  Let’s push beyond the apology with a call for equity.

    • Nancy Ellis

      Boycott their behinds and the advertisers.  

    • Yetprahz7

      Thank you for your insight. I am a MFT intern and I will certainly cancel my subscription to Psy/Today asap. I am appalled at the “oversight” of the editor..but then again it is another notice to African American men/women and children that racism continues to gallop through the streets of America in spite of years of acknowledging “we” are aware of the ignorance it promotes. Long gone are the days of accepting just anything misinformed academicians conjure up about the rich and royal legacy of Black folks. Thank God we don’t have to wrap our world around the “opinions” of others. 

  • Anonymous

    I absolutely agree with you, Dr Boyce.  The beauty of black women is not up for debate.  The ignorance, however, of those who think it should be is up for debate and deserves condemnation.  Like you, I’m tired of the nonsense, and the feeble attempts to justify the seemingly never ending put-downs and insults that black people have to endure. I’m sure this so-called psychologist thought he was being very clever but he wasn’t and I hope he is out of work for the foreseeable future.

  • Sumareh

    I found the article to be totally offensive, but I do think it can be the springboard for a more substantial conversation on the whole idea of a standard beauty type. As we know, beauty is in the eye of the beholder, so one could ask, why is it that American culture seems to be so obessed with Black women, our physical beauty, our sexuality, our mothering, our sisterhood, our relationships with black men and so much more.  We could start this inquiry with an analysis of the treatment in the media of First Lady Michelle Obama and not just what the wing-nuts like Limbaugh and company, but in fact how the cultural custodians in both popular culture, the main stream media and academia have responded to these attacks.  Why the glaring and obivousl silence or only muted response.  And I am speaking of a response to the question, of why does this conversation about black women persist?  To who’s psychological benefit does  this framing of black women of sisters persists; and again why?  The age old sociological question of “what is is going on here?” needs to be the topic of conversation. So to psychology today, to the american sociological society, to the association of black sociologist, black psychologist and all others, please give us a genuine and ethical discussion not about black women’s or Negro women getting prettier – (Ebony Magazine  February 1966 I Are Negro Girls Getting Prettier) but about what is going on with this and even the need to have the discussion.  As a black girl, woman, sister, I have been continuously intrigued by it all, from the 1966 Ebony piece to the the Psychology Today piece (and of course even before Ebony). 
    Thank you

    • Janices07083

      Yes I agree and think a good way for the magazine to make up for this is to have an open discussion about why is it such an issue with them to be constantly berating us.  Deal with why this psychologist felt justified in doing what he did, that would be quite interesting and probably healing also.

  • Jmhill

    Dr. Boyce has summed this up very wonderfully.

    • Anonymous

      Dr. Boyce — Well said!

      Kanazawa’s research was biased, to say the least. Call it unintentional or whatever you want. There’s no way around the realization that he over-generalized. Black women are as diverse as any other group of people. This is common sense, and applies to all races and genders, despite commonalities shared.
      There is clearly arrogance in Kanazawa’s reasoning. Who is he to determine he has the last word on what and who’s attractive? Did it occur to him that the same theoretical foundations of his so-called research could be applied in a biased manner toward another group if the definition of what’s attractive was re-defined based on someone else’s viewpoint?
      To say that an entire group is simply unattractive without surveying everyone (an impossible option, of course) is ridiculous! All one has to do is walk down any street. You will see people of different races, who will be considered unattractive or attractive based on the person making the assessment. It’s really as simple as that.
      Despite centuries of so-called scientific proof, many generalizations based primarily on race are erroneous.

      • newmil5


        If Kanazawa presented the non-blacks in his study photographs of various black women, arranged in order of most black African in appearance to least black African in appearance, they would rate those black women who are closer to the eurocentric standard of beauty as most attractive.

        Kanazawa is of Japanese-descent, isn’t he? Then why doesn’t he conduct  research on why Japanese dye their hair blonde, have surgery to widen their eyes, and their tendency to marry whites (especially the women)?

  • Perplexed

    Let’s keep it real.  It is easy for other folks to talk negatively about us in 2011. Why? Because no one talks, raps, sings and gossips more sterotypes and negativity about black women than black men.  Even when they’re not verbally trashing us which includes their mothers, sisters and grandma’s, they show that they don’t appreciate our beauty and intelligence by marrying anyone other than those that resemble their grandmas, mamas and sisters.  Whether they be entertainers, CEO’s, rappers, colleges students or unemployed, their choice of partners are very often a white or asian women, so why shouldn’t an asian man come to the conclusion that we are less than…..

  • Anonymous

    Fortunately, I have a job which enables me compare beauty of women of all colors: Chinese. Japanese,  Native Indians, Malaysians, Jews, Spanish, Somalis, Blacks, Whites and found them all the same – attractive. One more excellent aspect of Black women – their behind – You can’t miss that.   Therefore the article did not bother me. I was merely sorry for the writer’s ignorance.  He did not have to apologize for his opinion that did not bother me. 

  • Lewis3k

    Who gives an EFF about an apologize after the fact. An apology at this point is NOTHING BUT EMPTY words because this article should have NEVER been printed. THEY can KEEP  their  apology and shove it.

    • pmorgan

      That apology from the editor-in-chief reeks of Soviet-style ideological self-abasement.

  • Janices07083

    Dr. Watson Thank you soo much for caring.  The article was well written, you touched on all the important points.  If only more black men were like you.  I just found out about the article but damm that hurts, we are constantly being assaulted and I’ sick to death of it myself.

  • Roman

    Speak truth to blacks, Jews, womyn, “gays,” etc., and the craven apology is never far in coming.

    • Gtbridges

      I feel sorry for you and all the others like you that for your own ignorant reasons continue believe that this planet in all it’s glory was created just for you and/or that you are somehow superior in it.The sheer stupidity is just draining to the rest of us. You even managed to include “women” (spelled correctly) in what the rest of us are supposed to read and regard as “truth” in your statement. It must take a lot of energy to have a hatred like that for others in your heart daily. It’s a sickness, really it is. Again, I feel sorry  for you.

  • Astral_chi

    absolutley diabolical….came straight out of ‘nazi today’ magazine! this is pure racisms enveloped within a pseudo-science…and people wonder why racism still exists!!!

  • Mirakul7

    I am sorry, but I cannot help wondering if Dr. Kanazawa is a black African Londoner or  a white African.  It is difficult to believe that a man of color would attack his own race in this fashion unless he is a self-hating black person. 

     I do find, however that black people from England resent being called “black” as I was nearly physically attacked by a young woman helping me out as a home care assistant during a recent illness and yes, I am a very proud African American senior citizen, when I said , “we black people….” she went ballistic and screamed an yelled at me that she “was NOT BLACK!”.  She told me that she had the same argument with one of her college professors at Pace University here in New York when he inadvertently referred to her as a black person.” .  She had been in America less than five years, yet she identified herself as “not black but white.”   I tried to explain to her how we had worked to gain our Civil Rights in the 60s and how “I’m Black and I’m Proud” really meant something to African Americans, but none of this worked.  I even tried telling her how few black people were allowed to immigrate to the USA before 1968 and without the 
    Civil Rights efforts she would not even be allowed IN this country. I asked her how much she knew about the movement.  Her response?  “Oh, I know about Civil Rights and that Martin Luther King stuff!”  At that point, I called her office and had them take her out of my home no matter how much help I needed. I hate to say it, but I have very little respect for black African English persons because of her.  She did not develop that attitude in a vacuum.  

    • Rayuuss

      Can you handle a Google image search? He’s clearly of Asian ancestry.

      So it took someone other than the PC-whipped cur known as the modern white to acknowledge that most non-blacks find blacks decidedly unattractive.

  • David Boutte

    What is not understood is that this article was part of the publication’s blog section, and was not subject to the scrutiny of the editorial staff. If Psychology Today is guilty of anything, it is that their controls are too lax, but to believe that the article represents the views of the publication is in my opinion, incorrect.

    Also, are we as black people just as guilty as the study’s author when we proclaim that black women are the most beautiful on earth?

    • Socrates

      The author, though his conclusions were correct, can perhaps be criticized on the grounds of inadequate scientific rigor. That’s it.

      Claiming black women are the most beautiful on Earth, OTOH, is pitiful delusion.

      Blacks really are like overgrown children — “I want things to be this way, so they are.”

  • Dellehenderson

    This is nothing new! Back in the day, I remember articles stating the EXACT same thing in women’s magazines. They openly attacked Black woman’s big lips, big bust, big hips, and big butts. The ironic things at that time was that famous Black explained why their lip, and breasts were big……almost apologetically. The looks of the day were those of Grace Kelly, Twiggy etc. Then came along MARILYN MONROE. Who had bigger lips, bigger butts, hips and breast just as big…..and WALAA. Breast implants is a billion dollar industry, just look on TV and try to fine thin lips now…Angeline Jolle, Julia Roberts, high school kids, are getting lips pumped up…..the problem is with what others consider beautiful, it’s what you consider beautiful….Years ago the Black Muslims convinced Blacks that their hair was beautiful and the ‘fros.  Black women think other races traits are more alluring, so we have blond hair and Black folks, Red hair and Oriental hair. Other races look at us and see us imitating them. Look at the big picture, the white folks spend fortunes on tanning lotions and salons and physical features and back folk spend money on relaxers. Other steal what they think are great features, and we still what we think are great features. At the end of the day we all get old, wrinkles, worn out and don’t really give a damn

  • Anonymous

    I personally, have always considered black women and men to be “sculptured
    by the Gods”.  I’m no scientist but to my
    observant eye, the bone structure that many black people are blessed with is
    the foundation for a supreme physique. 
    However, this is just my opinion and I would never be so glib as to claim
    that white women are less attractive because it’s not an exact science and
    never will be.  We all have our personal
    tastes and thankfully, we are all different.  (I’m not even going to get into the beauty
    that lies beneath the skin!)  However, the bigger issue is as follows:


    Since Europe began colonizing much of Africa, from slavery
    and right through to Apartheid in South Africa many white people
    (including the white church) have sought to justify and excuse the inhumane and
    uncivilized treatment of black people by making false and degrading
    claims.  Today, especially in America where the
    established culture of white supremacy has been challenged and even overturned
    with the election of President Obama, some white people will cling to any old
    untruths in order to bolster their hatred and elevate themselves to a place
    they really don’t deserve to be.  The psychologist who’s faux conclusion to something which can
    never be scientifically analyzed not only supported this phenomenon but also
    threw yet another insult in the direction of people who’ve suffered more than
    their share of insults.  I hope he will
    be shunned and as I said before, out of work for a considerable time.

    • Anonymous

      @elrancho2:disqus  :I like most that you say but you must try to understand that our ‘white’ power structure is in the business of tearing down and replacing leaderships all over the world. Their think tanks are always working on ways to get around any problem.
      With that in mind you should understand that Obama would not be president if they hadn’t chosen him for their purposes. Mandela would have died in prison if they hadn’t decided to use him to end the South African boycott that was costing whites there and here billions!
      Read about the machinations of these Euro-Anglos and watch how they do things. You can compare them to the arrogance of a great powerful mafia-like group.
      Nothing has been changed or overturned from that.

  • Ms Ann

    Psychology Today is for shocking individuals to sell magazines and what better topic than using Blacks in any form to sell their magazines.As BLack Americans,we have proven that whatever they say about Black men/women its a great marketing for revenue and who makes the money the whites and Asians.They study our people and weaves are off the charts,cooking fried fish is off the chart,clothing is off the chart and the world knows you put a Black woman in a bold color and its like a heavenly bliss to your eyes and sexuality.We don’t need an apology for a blatant lie.Since time our people have invented the majority of what is used in this country.Psychology is about the mind and they have no clue how a Black man or woman can be down and still can sing and make it in this cruel world.Now our Beauty is being exploited in the cosmetic world with botox to avoid aging /wrinkles,they are dying wanting bigger lips and buttocks and skin so tight they appear as a halloween masquerade or some form of dosmetic cat.

  • GTF1788ND

    Dr. Boyce, you are SO on target with your response to the editors of Psychology Today!  I’m STILL flabbergasted that the article was published in the first place.  Something is still very wrong that the article made it to the editor’s desk.  This is 2011 and wr’re still buying in to this garbage?  Scientific research?  Give me a break!

  • Anonymous

    Why are African Americans still appalled when Europeans(White Americans) feature articles and opinions that support their true nature? As someone who was born in North Africa, it’s funny that they keep showing us White Pharoahs,White Moseses, White Jesuses, and expect us to keep swallowing this garbage. Europeans have always twisted history,and proffered their opinions as fact.You know their lying,so just ignore it. Their world is dying and they can’t cope. You know how beautiful your are and you don’t need anyone to tell you so. Articles like this are just there to make themselves feel better, but we know the truth and see through it. 

    • Anonymous

      you’re right.  these kinds of “studies” have been published for years. asian cultures still use black stereotypes in ads. pseudo-science again.

      • David Sims

        swneb63hpf, the very fact that blacks are used in Asian advertising as a exemplars of ugliness should tell you that Kanazawa’s conclusions are accurate, and that the Kaufman revision is probably fake. An estimate of someone else’s beauty is a subjective judgment, and regarding blacks as ugly is how most Asians judge the appearance of blacks.

        However, the manner of collecting opinions can be objective. That’s what a scientific poll does. And that’s what Satoshi Kanazawa did. That isn’t “pseudo-“science. It’s genuine science.

        • Anonymous

          beauty is in the eye of the beholder. real science does not draw conclusions, inferences maybe, from purely subjective data. his conclusions are based in his cultural experience. did you know that sickle cell disease is found in asian peoples too.

    • David Sims

      No, they’re not lying. The Jewish recent snow-job reported in The Huffington Post might be a lie, though.

      I’ve known for a long time that white men, or most of them, feel a disfavor for black women. In some of us, it’s a mild distaste, whereas in other of us, it is quite strong.

      I’ve heard for a long time that Asian men have a distaste for the appearance of blacks that is even stronger than that of white men.

      So Kanazawa’s results were only what I would have expected.

      The Kaufman revision is not what I’d expect. Some Jews allegedly looked over Kanazawa’s dataset and found that it proved the opposite of what Kanazawa said it did. I don’t think Kanazawa is a liar. Nor do I think he is incompetent. So I’m betting that the revision is a con job.

    • Anonymous

      We should remain vigilant in denouncing such articles, even though we know that they don’t have an ounce of truth. The reason that people take these aims is because they can. They need to know, like with any other group, it will not be tolerated. There will come a time when we don’t have to do this. Unfortunately, we have not arrived at that time yet. We must draw a line in the sand and let people know that we mean business. The fact of why they do this is of little interest to me. For all of the young Black girls out there, who have not yet develped the arsenal to deal with such assaults, but who would be hurt by them, we must take a stand in public and at home (by what we teach our children).

  • Anonymous

    Why are African Americans still appalled when Europeans(White Americans) feature articles and opinions that support their true nature? As someone who was born in North Africa, it’s funny that they keep showing us White Pharoahs,White Moseses, White Jesuses, and expect us to keep swallowing this garbage. Europeans have always twisted history,and proffered their opinions as fact.You know their lying,so just ignore it. Their world is dying and they can’t cope. You know how beautiful your are and you don’t need anyone to tell you so. Articles like this are just there to make themselves feel better, but we know the truth and see through it. 

  • Eoterics72

    Replying to Nowayjose:

    Am I to assume that Bill Cosby, Denzel Washington, Will Smith, etc., are not black and/or did not make it to the top? Remember that for every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction. Therefore, I’m forced by your phenotypical view to inject common and long-held views in regards to made-it-to-the-top black-white relationships. The variables:It’s
    held that white women are more subservient,easier,and brings capital of her own to the table_ a factor that through discrimination,racism, and the good ol’ boy’s network,left many would-be suitors that were qualified in every other respect, on the outside looking in and listening to hogwash such as yours. Your subliminal message is as overt as your racism. The report zeroed-in on five biased areas- but carefully dodged the butt and nose features. 

    • ZMan

      The top of what? All three are so-called entertainers, said designation being up to debate.

      Fields of black “success” — entertainment, sports, and whining about race.

      And big butts and lips are found quite often among white women. They are not specifically “black” characteristics. As for the nose — well, I haven’t seen many whites lining up to get those sexy flared nostrils.

      • Jacque

        Again, why are You here?  Do the whites on this post think to change the minds of the Blacks.  No one, no one, is buying what you are selling.  You could never break us.  Your bullsh** has been seen for what it is, for what you are.  Go Away.  

      • David Sims

        Big butts are found on white women who let themselves go fat. And they are considered ugly by almost everybody. However, for women of equal weights, the butts of black women are usually more rearward protrusive than are the butts of white women. There are photographs of African native women for whom the “long behind” is especially pronounced. I, personally, find it disgusting, but perhaps a black man might disagree. Or… maybe not.

  • Brook

    I can really see this magazine taking a hit to their sales for allowing quack research to get on the air.  It’s nuts that they would do this, without allowing their editors to carefully vet the work that appears in their pages.  If you are trying to defend academic freedom, you should not to try to do so in the pages of a magazine that is designed to make a profit. 

    • David Sims

      It wasn’t “quack” research. It was honest research, of the sort known as an extended scientific poll. Satoshi Kanazawa didn’t set out to prove that any particular group was less attractive than others. But the data supplied to him by the opinions of his test subjects showed that this is, in fact, how things are. Black women are less attractive than other women, in the opinion of every group except their own group. So it IS true. The only real question is whether this particular truth needed to be publicized. But scientists don’t make that call. They discover. They publish. Let the world make of the discovery what it will.

  • bluemirror

    Scientifically – here are the facts:
    * Black genes are dominant (hair color, eye color, overall genetic makeup)
    * Black women nursed countless of white babies (afterwards had their breasts cut off) because white women knew that “Black” milk made healthier babies
    * Henrietta Lack’s (a Black woman) cells are the ONLY human cells to live outside of the body – ever
    The most intellectual people in the world can argue about who’s beautiful (or not), but the facts remain constant. Those cannot be changed.
    So far, Black genes rule!
    If any scientists wants to discuss the nature of Black women, they may want to look back down their family tree first. They may be pleasantly surprised!

    • Sanfordss

      Dominant doesn’t equal superior. Recessive traits make it easier to spot outgroup contamination.

      And remember, it was the ancestors of whites and Asians that struck out from Africa. A mark of superiority, I would say.

      Whites create and forget.
      Asians copy and remember.
      Blacks do neither.

      • Jacque

        White does not equal superior.  Your history lesson is distorted by your race.  Free your mind.  Open your mind.  

        Whites covet and destroy
        Asians copy and remember
        “Blacks build and are forever emulated.”  

        Deal with it.

        • Sanfordss

          And blacks built … ?

          All black “achievement” has occurred in the context of a white-created and maintained civilization. Call it Remedial Civ 101. Not that it’s had much success.

          • Nytehawx

            Ashanti, Akan, Yoruba, Ghana, Songhai, Mali, Zimbabwe, Azande, Benin (to name a few)

            Look up those empires.

        • David Sims

          But blacks have not built. There is no form of civilization that originally appeared among blacks. Blacks can’t even maintain a civilization they stole, if there aren’t any whites or Asians to keep the industry and technology going. Even in politics, where every race has at least a spot or two of civilization-inhibiting corruption, Blacks have so much corruption that their political systems degenerate into despotism and banditry very quickly. You might as well save your breath. Blacks are known well enough that nobody will believe any self-serving lies they might wish to tell.

          • Nytehawx

            Ashanti, Akan, Yoruba, Ghana, Songhai, Mali, Zimbabwe, Azande, Benin (to name a few)

            Look up those empires.

    • Mint Berry Crunch

      If blacks are 100% physically superior, then blacks are 100% intellectually inferior.  Me, I don’t buy that.  It is all about socialization and how you are raised and nurtured.  But I guess bluemirror will say blacks are 100% physically and intellectually superior.  And if that is true, no race has ever done less while being so damn superior.  I love this site!

  • Akimalyah

    my only thought to this is everyone have their own individual beauty within themselves and its not based on the outside appearance.  The best looking person can look drop dead gorgeous and open her mouth and her attitude and talk can drop her beauty down to nothing.  We should not be judging people based on their appearance any how.  Who said that we had to be a size 3 to be beautify.  I am a Big, bold and beautiful woman both on the inside and out.  No one can take that away from me no test, no person nothing.  I know who i am without being validated by anyone.

  • Anonymous

    That article, masquerading as ‘scientific research,’ was overtly racist. The real reason we, BEAUTIFUL black women, are being labeled as unattractive is that we are being judged by the eurocentric standard of beauty. Anyone with half a brain ought to know this.

  • A32st

    u know let the women of other races do without the makeup and surgerys and really look at them ()natural it does not work() .We are aproud race because we as african american women do not have to do all the xtras We have a natural beauty and soul!!!!!!!

    • Jakee

       So knock it off with the weaves, “beautiful.”

      • Jacque

        All natural.  All.  I wouldn’t put that dog hair on my head for your small money Jakee.  I love my natural hair.  Love it.  

        • Coco Sista

          That is very good to hear instead of wearing silly weave that I see girls in my race wear. I want to go natural but I don’t know. I don’t feel confident without wearing a weave braided into my hair.

        • Coco Sista

          That is very good to hear instead of wearing silly weave that I see girls in my race wear. I want to go natural but I don’t know. I don’t feel confident without wearing a weave braided into my hair.

      • A32st

        All natural.All!!!

        • Coco Sista

          Good to hear!

        • Coco Sista

          Good to hear!

    • David Sims

      Nobody really wants those “extras” that most black women have. Tire-sized lips? Bleh! Squished flat nose with oversize nostrils? Yuck! Rearward protrusive bubble-butts? Ick! And let’s not even discuss the Hottentot Apron, or I might lose my breakfast. Thanks to Satoshi Kanazawa, the facts are in, and the only people who think blacks are beautiful are the blacks, themselves. In a scientific test, nobody else agreed with them.

      • Elrancho2

        You are woefully wrong but I’m sure you’re accustomed to being wrong about most things in your life.  The majority of white people would give anything to be blessed with the kind of beauty you detest – even to the point of risking skin cancer and the discomfort and expense of cosmetic surgery.

      • A32st


      • adeen

        Black is beautiful and us Blacks don’t need racist bigots like you telling us how ”ugly” we are! Black is beautiful and always will be beautiful even of people of other races notice or don’t notice. If Black women like me were so ugly how come women in your race get butt implants, boob implants, tans, perms to get their hair curly etc to look like us? Because they know we are beautiful but racism and racists like you make us seem ugly because of the color of our skin. Stupid racist idiots make America and White Americans look bad because I know some very nice Whites.

      • adeen

        Black is beautiful and us Blacks don’t need racist bigots like you telling us how ”ugly” we are! Black is beautiful and always will be beautiful even of people of other races notice or don’t notice. If Black women like me were so ugly how come women in your race get butt implants, boob implants, tans, perms to get their hair curly etc to look like us? Because they know we are beautiful but racism and racists like you make us seem ugly because of the color of our skin. Stupid racist idiots make America and White Americans look bad because I know some very nice Whites.

  • Martha

    I think that the editor should be fired.  There is no way that the editor did not know about this article.  I think it is absolute defiance.  The editor allowed the to be publishedm probably as a ploy for greater sales(the ulterior motive).  Having an article this racist can rise only controversy which constitute more sales.  That editor seems to be under pressure to increase sales.  And a good controversy would perhaps improve sales.  She/He  predicted this outcome.
    I do not understand why people think that it is always okay to abuse, victimize, assault a whole
    race of people who are citizens.  It’s like they have some unwritten permission to do this.
    I am sick and tired of having to go on the defensive with damage control.  No matter that they removed the article, it is already in the consciousness of other americans.  The judgment factor has already effected the these already sick minds-just something else to refuel the public image attacks against Black Americans.

    As a college student back in the seventies, I thought that Psychology Today was a good reference for psychology minors like myself.  But before I graduated, I became disallusioned with the publication.  I did  not like reading it anymore; I felt a  bit extreme; and the people who
    submitted work to Psyche Today were no bodies.  I held no value whatsoever for this publication; and certainly never felt it had any real influence, or that it provided a service to college and university students that enhanced their knowledge base.

    There are so many publications out there today existing like they are positive institutions serving mankind-esp. americans.  Trust me they are not; Most of them have no real credibility,
    or character; but want to appear official, authoritative and essential.  They are not.  It is only image.

    I would not spend one cent on a copy of Psyche Today.  Why should I????

    Yes, get rid of that editor that deliberately allowed this article to get to the public-as a vindictive measure from a sick racist and who clearly has some severe self-esteem deficits, and predicted this event.  They know that there is a majority of racists out there, and are probably their patrons.
    They knew what they were doing.  Believe Me!!!!

  • Icecream459

    In my mind, this article proves the value of diversity in the corporate structure at all levels.  When an organization values diversity, this kind of hogwash would not appear in print.  Psychology Today needs to look at itself and restructure.

    This kind of think takes us (Americans) away from our primary focus of equality.  The races will bicker and fight with each other when we need to join together and deal with the economic issues of the middle and poor classes.  This kind of thing is designed to take our minds off the bigger goal – equality.

  • Satyrdean

     In one culture a long neck was considered to be beautiful, while in another society small feet were the focus of erotic emphasis.  Still, there were other countries that placed emphasis on either the size of the lips, breasts, buttocks, eyes, hair, skin complexion, height, or weight.
    How much importance have we placed on physical traits?  Do any of them determine a person’s character?  How someone will treat his/her significant other, children, the elderly, those that are less fortunate than themselves?  Do any of our physical attributes make us better parents, spouses, make us more loving, trustworthy, faithful, more dependable, more spiritual?  What comes to your mind when you think of a garden?  Which flower is more beautiful than another?  Or, should I say, more preferable?  If we could think of all human beings as different types of flowers in THE CREATOR’S GARDEN, we may be able to more fully appreciate our own, and others’, differences.     It would be difficult to believe that THE CREATOR would choose to make one flower more beautiful than another.  It is my feeling that it is the flowers (people) who have attempted to distinguish themselves from others: either by educational/vocational differences, status, financial/material means, or by physical attributes.  Certain people in different societies have been allowed to set standards about what is beautiful, what is good, what is success, what is in style, what is intelligent (and acceptable) behavior, what is cool/hep, and all of the opposites.       These standards remain—and are perpetuated–only because we have accepted them as fact, and allowed them to govern our thoughts and attitudes.  African-Americans rebelled against the standards of skin color (in the 1960s), and proclaimed that “Black Is Beautiful”, some females (in the U.S.) followed suit in the 1970s with “You’ve Come A Long Way Baby”, and Gay/Lesbian and the Disabled rebelled against stigmas and declared their self-worth in later years.       However, standards don’t have to be changed for each of us to proclaim that THE CREATOR made each of us “beautiful” in HIS/HER eyesight; and, accept ourselves as “beautiful” in our own eyesight.  In fact, “WE SHOULD NOT LET WHAT OTHERS THINK OF US, CAUSE US NOT TO THINK HIGHLY OF OURSELVES”   “Our self-worth, self-appreciation, and self-love “should not  depend on what (or how) others perceive us to be.  It “should be” based on what we think of ourselves as GOD’s creation”.     and the Disabled rebelled against in later years.     However, standards don’t have to be changed for each of us to proclaim that THE CREATOR made each of us “beautiful” in HIS/HER eyesight; and, accept ourselves as “beautiful” in our own eyesight.  In fact, “WE SHOULD NOT LET WHAT OTHERS THINK OF US, CAUSE US NOT TO THINK HIGHLY OF OURSELVES”   “Our self-worth, self-appreciation, and self-love “should not  depend on what (or how) others perceive us to be.  It “should be” based on what we think of ourselves as GOD’s creation”.     and the Disabled rebelled against in later years.
    What comes to your mind when you think of a garden?  Which flower is more beautiful than another?  Or, should I say, more preferable?  If we could think of all human beings as different types of flowers in THE CREATOR’S GARDEN, we may be able to more fully appreciate our own, and others’, differences.     It would be difficult to believe that THE CREATOR would choose to make one flower more beautiful than another.  It is my feeling that it is the flowers (people) who have attempted to distinguish themselves from others: either by educational/vocational differences, status, financial/material means, or by physical attributes.  Certain people in different societies have been allowed to set standards about what is beautiful, what is good, what is success, what is in style, what is intelligent (and acceptable) behavior, what is cool/hep, and all of the opposites.       These standards remain—and are perpetuated–only because we have accepted them as fact, and allowed them to govern our thoughts and attitudes.  African-Americans rebelled against the standards of skin color (in the 1960s), and proclaimed that “Black Is Beautiful”, some females (in the U.S.) followed suit in the 1970s with “You’ve Come A Long Way Baby”, and Gay/Lesbian and the Disabled rebelled against stigmas and declared their self-worth in later years.       However, standards don’t have to be changed for each of us to proclaim that THE CREATOR made each of us “beautiful” in HIS/HER eyesight; and, accept ourselves as “beautiful” in our own eyesight.  In fact, “WE SHOULD NOT LET WHAT OTHERS THINK OF US, CAUSE US NOT TO THINK HIGHLY OF OURSELVES”   “Our self-worth, self-appreciation, and self-love “should not  depend on what (or how) others perceive us to be.  It “should be” based on what we think of ourselves as GOD’s creation”.     and the Disabled rebelled against in later years.     However, standards don’t have to be changed for each of us to proclaim that THE CREATOR made each of us “beautiful” in HIS/HER eyesight; and, accept ourselves as “beautiful” in our own eyesight.  In fact, “WE SHOULD NOT LET WHAT OTHERS THINK OF US, CAUSE US NOT TO THINK HIGHLY OF OURSELVES”   “Our self-worth, self-appreciation, and self-love “should not  depend on what (or how) others perceive us to be.  It “should be” based on what we think of ourselves as GOD’s creation”.     and the Disabled rebelled against in later years.

    • David Sims

      If your comment is overly long and not broken into interesting paragraphs, then nobody will read any of it.

    • Sheldeon

      It has been my experience that African Americans continue to be a proud people and we do think highly of ourselves.  Considering where we have come from and the previous attrocities of slavery, jim crow and segregation; the current racially hostile climate with the election of Barack Obama and the discrimination that many of us are still subjected to in this country daily, it is amazing that most of us still walk with our heads up and our vision intact.  A weaker race would have never survived our history!  We are proud and make the best of what blessings we do have in our lives.  It is truly remarkable.  

      I have never personally met an African American sister that suffered from bulimia or anorexia in my life – why should anyone have to remind you to eat?  I have not known African American’s to be serial killers or mass murderers historically – and the few that were accused were either brainwashed, mentally imbalanced or used as a scapegoat.  I have yet to see an African American child take an automatic weapon to school with the intent of killing teachers and other innocent students – although some of their neighborhoods are riddled with illegal guns that could be used for this purpose.  I have not seen many instances of African Americans engaging in the murder-suicide of their entire family – the brainy idea of a true cowards’ way to solve their personal problems. 

      These mental ills do not generally plague us after all that we have been through as a people.  Although Black on Black crime is an unfortunate reality perpetuated by racism and classism – the African Americans that live in my community, work at my place of employment, and socialize in my city are normal people grinding to keep things moving for their family.  And no matter what they are lacking or challenges they face they don’t resort to illegal activity or killing innocents or themselves as a permanent solution to temporary problems.        

  • Pearl Galloway

    It is so wonderful to be acknowledged for our beauty.  I am amused by the ways that clear people find a way to talk about black women.  Here is my analytical analysis to your psychological conclusions, I’m rubber, you’re glue–bouncing off of me and stick to you.  Now analysis that psychologiy today and afflicates. @nowayjose I realize that black people might have been offended by the article, but the conclusions that it reached were true about YO MAMA. (Had to do it)

  • Operator55

    Well I’m not apologizing.

    Blacks are ugly, and have low IQ scores.

    • Stoke

      Let’s not be sloppy, now.

      Qualify your statement with the word “typically,” and you’d be correct.

    • David Sims

      Black women are less attractive than women of other races, in the opinion of every combination of race and gender except for the black women, themselves. That’s what Kanazawa’s scientific poll has demonstrated. Most blacks have IQ scores lower than those of most whites. The normal distributions that best model the spread of IQ in those races are

      Whites. Average=103. Standard deviation=16.4.

      Blacks. Average=85. Standard deviation=12.4.

      Now that’s a difference that has very important social consequences, which, if ignored or evaded, might cause grievous harm to society.

  • Beverly Goodwin

    It is way too late to issue an apology.  I never considered psychology much of any form of science.

    • David Sims

      Psychology can be a science, and there are a number of well-known scientific psychologists, such as Arthur Jensen.

      I’m not familiar with Satoshi Kanazawa’s work generally, but I recognize the scientific method when I see it. And Kanazawa’s study of racial variation in physical attractiveness is a scientific study. As someone else has said, “Beauty is in the eye of the beholder.” But the eyes that did the beholding weren’t Kanazawa’s eyes. They were the eyes of a large number of test subjects, whose opinions about the attractiveness of persons in photographs were duly recorded, along with the race and sex of the test subject who gave each opinion.

      Kanazawa did not contrive his discovery that black women are considered less attractive than other women, in the opinion of everyone except black women. He probably didn’t have any idea about what his test subjects’ opinions would collectively reveal to him. But after he had done his experiment, he did know. And he told us what he had learned. And for that we’re condemning him: for telling us the truth.

  • Skywalker

    I grew up with a brown skinned mother and sisters who always thought they were beautiful. In my twenties I wished my skin was darker. I have always seen black and African women as the most beautiful women in the world. Once black people and black media (films, magazines, TV shows) start promoting natural black beauty ourselves then others may begin to appreciate the beauty we know we have. As far as America’s obsession, it’s obvious from the history of slavery. Any Black woman can stand heads and heels over the average white women in terms of beauty, common sense, (yes, sexuality too), strength, and courage. The history of this country that needs to be discussed is its legacy of the rape of black women and the on-going secret lust of white men and the unacknowledged jealousy of white women (in general, not individuals) over black women. Furthermore,  I am married to a white man who constantly acknowledges the beauty of black women. So lets just be honest folks.

    • Mitch

      Newsflash — you’re not easy on the eyes, nor are the vast majority of black females.

      The legacy of the “rape” of black women was an introduction of higher IQ material into the black gene pool, so be thankful for the favors.

      And “secret lust”? Most white dudes aren’t into bestiality.

      • Jacque

        Why are you here?  Go spread your angry-small-penis-thin-lipped bullsh** on  another site.  Higher IQ?  Never.  What we weren’t given we started.  Schools, colleges, style.  All of it.  Go pay for your child to pass an exam and have a drink. You’re deliberately stupid and we pity you.  Go Away.

        • Kimberly Moore

          Please do not feed the trolls.

      • David Sims

        I’m with Mitch, and with Kanazawa. Black women generally turn me off. The idea of kissing a black woman on her tractor-tire sized lips makes me want to vomit, even if she is otherwise pretty.

        There are a (very) few really attractive mulatto women. These are the lucky girls who inherited their body shape and their facial features from the white side of their families. They straighten out the kinky hair, and despite their mud-colored skin they’re actually very pretty.

        But that isn’t really praise for black beauty. Rather, those girls are exemplars of white beauty struggling to emerge through a dark skin.

        • newmil5

          And you, my friend, look like a cross between Big Foot and a neanderthal. How many women would rate you as one of the most handsome men on the planet?

        • Sanjulo

          You are obviously a dull normal missing link with nothing better to do than insert your neanderthal pea brain into discussions involving grown up people who actually think. You are on the wrong site, Mr. Asshole, and only those with mutated, drug-addled inferior brains would even stop to give your thots the time of day. I am only responding because you seem to ratchet up the idiocy level of people who have been taught to type but not to think. Go straight to wherever your kind breeds and drink some Kool-Aid, UgMo.

      • Martha

        Yes you white men are into beastiality and every other perversion.  It would horrify me to engage in any t kind of sexual  activity with a white man.
        The social experiences I have had with white men and women leave me more than grateful for the universal Black community.  It is the only sane civilization there is. It is true and comforting and very satisfying.  I hope that this world will never have the misfortune of existing without the universal blacks.  It would be a very lonely place-and there will be no Human Soul-No LOVE!!!!.

        I have found white men to be uninformed, extremely socially inept, and threatening because they can so easily kill people-I know there is a name for this syndrome-perhaps homocidial maniacs/ and serial killers????

        Please look at white people.  They have bad hair-straight and stringy; they usually have something peeling off them; I do not like to be in a pool with them; they have bad hygiene habits, and generally will not wash their hands after using the bathroom;  they have so much self hatred that they try to compensate by loving animals more than they do human beings; they feel so inferior to other races especially blacks because the world knows them as thrives, murderers, rapists and cowards, who will hit you from behind, because of their fears of defeat. 

        I feel that it is unreasonable for the amount of tolerance it takes for whites to live here with them.   They are nothing but troubemakers.   It think if they could grow  a larger penis, find a more functional intelligence; and perhaps find a spirituality(meaning finding a functional relationship with God) that works-they then may be able to focus more on things that are substitive, meaningful, and that advances the good will of the universal mankind.

        There is something wrong with someone concentrating on how a person looks.  None of us are exempt from scrutiny, criticism and the like.  We are free to do that.  It is all in the eye of the beholder.

        But it gets really crazy when someone starts playing God-by making blanket
        statements that denounce others with some sense of authority.  This is insane.  But I guess it is in keeping with what we know and have experienced-and that is that white boys has a natural genus toward  insanity.  This is the basis of whatever intellectual superiority they want to claim.  An intellect based on sheer insanity???.  Now that kind of  intellectual superiority???  Please be my guest.  I have never wanted anything a white or asian has.  Why should I????  God has blessed and given me so much.  Everyday I look at myself and say Thank You God-for such marvelous generosity.

        I shall continue to pray for whites and asians(it may help).  Perhaps they will find LOVE someday-and will want to move away from such stupidity and rilvary, and admit and accept their defects and deficiencies, focus on themselves, and try to improve their characters and personalities, and perhaps find relief from being white and asian.  

  • Terry Callen

    “Kanazawa is no stranger to controversy, having previously recommended an Ann Coulter
    presidency to wipe out the Middle East with nuclear weapons”

    Tells me all I need to know about him!

  • Terry Callen

    ‎”Kanazawa is no stranger to controversy, having
    previously recommended an Ann Coulter presidency to wipe out the Middle
    East with nuclear weapons ”

  • Eoterics72

    Replying to ZMan:
    Since your comprehension went awol, I’ll elaborate for you. I stated that the report was “bias” and it was limited,selective, and targeted self-serving as well. Kanazawa knew that if the nose/butt areas (of caucasian women) were a part of the equation,that the abundance of the first (proboscis) and the lack thereof of the latter, would not have supported his propaganda. Therefore he selected a fools gold criterion to arrive at a desired outcome_ just as you’re doing with the “flared nostrils” comment _ being selective. I could selectively mention many Rodney Dangerfields, but that would not engender the trait to the vast majority of non-black people. Your subliminal message rings loud and clear. Let me be civil and just call it an extreme case of prevaricating. You’re saying (subliminally), that blacks noses resembles those of animals. To that extent, just shave the hair off of a gorilla and observe the color of its skin_it’s not black! I will not even validate your attenuated attempt to denigrate the entertainment genre. I will say only that I didn’t/don’t hear that kind of vitriol in regards to Bob Hope, Johnny Carson, Jay Leno, Jimmy Kimmel, etc. _ it’s racism. Hey!  Donald Trump is in need of a presidential campaign manager. I think that you’re a good candidate for that job.

    • ZMan

      Dangerfield wasn’t white. He was a Jew.

      • Eoterics72

        Gosh! You’re more dense than I would have ever fathom. The relative point of “Dangerfield” was not to ethnicity_rather, it was relative to the size of the proboscis (nose). That being said, and with your characterizing “flared nostrils” of some blacks to that of certain animals _ then I guess that whites noses can be compared to that of an Ant Eater. If you harbors such disdain for blacks, why are you on this site? Don’t answer. We already know and don’t want to hear from or about your kind. Go lose some weight and release your displaced aggression elsewhere. The stuff that you’re spreading that you think is subliminally done, we know it as floccinaucinihilipilification. Now stay in the dark or get busy looking up that term as it’s apparent that your sagittal suture and/or parietal bones did not completely fuse _ thereby, causing leakage. Just go to Alaska and hang out with Sarah Palin. You can see Russia from there and there aren’t too many blacks there. 


      • Kevin_lunianga

        To be ‘Jewish’ is not a racial group.
        There are black, asian, and white Jews…
        Another manifestation of ignorance.

        • David Sims

          I wonder who is the ignorant one.

          In the most numerically inclusive sense, Jews are a cultural group sharing certain traditions in common. But that cultural group serves as an umbrella for a number of groups who can be categorized by race. The largest of those groups is the Ashkenazi Jews (or East European Jews). When a reference is made to a Jewish “race,” it is usually the Ashkenazim who are meant.

          Unlike “black” Jews, who are Jewish but are only part of a larger race that, by and large, isn’t Jewish, the Ashkenazim are all Jews. They are presumed to be Jews at birth. They inherit their Jewishness as a racial characteristic, simply by being born to a Jewish mother. Even if they later become atheists or Christians, they are still counted as Jewish by other Ashkenazi Jews. And their political loyalties nearly always remain with organized Jewry, with Zionism, or whatever the big Jewish push happens to be that century.

          Although the Ashkenazim are a fair-skinned race, as are the Turks, neither they nor the Turks belong to the same race as the core subracial stocks of Western and Central Europe, or even of Eastern Europe. These European groups—Germans, Dutch, Belgians, English, French, Danish, Swedish, Norwegian, Finnish, Estonian, Polish, etc.—are genetically distanced from each other by a numerical index (FST) value of about 0.005. The Jews are 10 times that far (FST=0.05) from the cluster than the cluster’s members are from each other, and therefore the Jews aren’t in the same racial family. They are closer kin to the Turks than they are to the Europeans.

          This shows the fallacy of equating race with skin color. It works also for human dark-skinned races, of which Earth has more than one. The African derived blacks and the Negritos who inhabit the island of Panay in the Philippines, are both dark-skinned, and they both have frizzy dark brown hair, but they aren’t both of the same race. Genetically, they are quite far apart.

  • Wociv

    Honestly, I had read other posts by that blogger and sent in letters to the editor- I think he is mentally ill. No one could be as inane as he was in the recent article (I couldn’t bear to read it, but read summaries) or in another one where he said women who have boys are whores! He began the post by calling Victoria Beckham a “whore”. That’s helpful, to me, he’s just off the rails. They should have taken him off the site then. The thing is with the bloggers- they don’t get edited. They just post blogs and it (has been) assumed that content would not be ridiculous and wrong.
    Please let the bloggers of Psych Today know if they should stop blogging for the magazine. I am sure many would comply with this request. But I think this was one bad apple- why they kept him on, though. I can’t imagine.

  • Col
  • Carolyn Moon

    Thank you Dr. Watkins for speaking out.  Some of the comments I’ve read on other blogs regarding this matter are disconcerting to say the least. Many of them unfortunately, were by black men who spoke rather cruelly about their preferences at the expense of sisters.  I think it’s arrogant to tell someone who they should fall in love with.  Having said that, I think that the denigration of black women to substantiate their choice in women is disingenuous and speaks more to deeper personal issues.  Whomever they choose to love, date and marry should stand on its own merit–when a comparative narrative is introduced…it sullies the choice made and challenges their credibility and the integrity of their viewpoint.

  • David Sims

    Satoshi Kanazawa’s study was a scientific poll in which test subjects of every race and gender were shown photographs of persons from every race and gender, and asked for an estimate of their attractiveness. The low overall rating for black women that resulted was no deliberate fabrication of his. It was an accurate statistical summary of the opinions of his test subjects.

    Yes, what Kanazawa did was offensive; but it was also truthful, factual, and honest. It was science. Real science does not bow to political correctness. Real science does not adjust its findings to make anybody feel better. Kanazawa probably knew he’d be kicked around for publishing his discovery that black women are rated inferior for attractiveness by every group except themselves. That he did it anyway is to his credit as a reliable researcher, and as someone who can be trusted to report results that are not in his own professional interest.

    • TINA

      David, accepting imposed inferiority is voluntary oppression. No one can convince us we’re inferior unless we allow them to. No article, internet forum, society is going to convince us of that. 

  • Angelarthomas

    Unitl Dr. Kanazawa can decipher why the number one plastic surgery in the world actually takes place within the Asian culture, he has no right to evaluate those outside his own. Asians worldwide are having a fold added to their eyelids as to look more european or simply like every other race. The number two surgery among the Asian female population is butt implants. Frankly, it seems that the researcher comes from a culture that can not define beauty by its own standards. How can Dr. Kanazawa possibly evaluate the beauty of another race, when his own is full of insecure people who have more plastic surgery than any other race per capita? Maybe once he gets his eyefolds altered, he will be able to see more clearly how inferior the appearance of his own race is to the world at large and apparently to Asians themselves.

  • Drjohntelford

    I am married t the mst beautiful woman in the world.  Her name is Gina Telford, and she is black.  Professor Kanazawa is full of hooey. 

  • Ann

    The sad thing about such junk research making to to the internet is that it will always be out there in some form for ignorant folks to use as they see fit. Much of the content posted on the internet to day is not about research or science, it is about filling web pages to keep advertising dollars flowing in, and almost anyone with decent writing skills is paid to develop this content.

  • Marcella

    I did not read the article from this japanese idiot scholar..who probably has never been in the presence of a black in his entire life…but i have read some of the comments in response to this article.. we dont need to have dialogues with these people to make sure they understand we are human..their racism is inherent…but what we can do is not continually give them a platform to stand on…NO MORE PSYCHOLOGY TODAY PURCHASES FROM THE BLACK COMMUNITY..lets start putting our own people on blast when they stand in the public eye and disgrace us by down playing black women and disgracing themselves on all of this reality television…this is why some of these opinions are formed about black women, men and children…we set ourselves up for easy prey….there is no other race of people that publicly humiliate each other but us…let’s clean our houses first and foremost….and further more about the article it amazes me that so many others are running to medical technology to enhance and enlarge their head to toe features ….that we already have….I MAKE NO APOLOGIES FOR MY BLACK BEING BEAUTIFUL….LAST I REMEMBER IT IS CALLED MOTHER AFRICA…IN THE NAME OF YAH!

    • David Sims

      Satoshi Kanazawa lives in London, England, where today there are many blacks. To find them, go into the streets at night and listen for the screams of the crime victims.

  • Sfoxloken

    I’m sorry, but my outrage goes even further. Why in HELL is Psychology Today even concerned with any woman’s “beauty”? This goes to the fundamental issue of women’s value…beauty is #1. Why is there any issue about which “race” is more beautiful? Who cares? Beauty is not only completely subjective, it is the primary mechanism on which all women are judged. It doesn’t matter how smart, creative, fun, happy, giving and loving a woman is, her essential worth is always measured by her beauty, first and foremost. This is the true outrage. And all the fashion mags, for Black women as well as White, do nothing but perpetuate this condoned and institutionalized sexism that persists among all races.

  • guest

    When I was in college I shadowed a white gentleman to see if I wanted to pursue his line of work. While we were driving back and forth from place to place, I was taken aback when I noticed that both he and a male co-worker turned their heads to look at black women who were also driving.  For some reason I didn’t think they would do this.  When you think it through though, it makes sense. 

  • Anthony II

    The fact that “Psychology Today” chose to print this crap is a result of either incompetence or intent.  Since they’re supposed to be one of the pre-eminent publications on the stands, staffed by intelligent, aware,  fastidious, tedious, painstakingly conscious professionals, it looks like its leaning toward “intent”.  Neither one is good.  The sad fact is that they willfully participated in circulating this lie.  How can the original human be anything but beautiful.

  • Dantanagreen

    … and how about you wizardg nice silky words your picture post look whiter then the whiteness white man or may I say paleman cause noone is white except animals do you represent that group

  • Dantanagreen

     I agree with your recent post we live in a world were the lighter skin people are favored and the browner skin people are not, so sad color shouldn;t matter but it does and for the browner shades of people it’s a hell an added stress that lighter people doesn’t experience so often as the darker skin people even going into a pubilc estalishment you are assumed to be stealing or if you are a problem at the cash register even other blacks will get nerves and call the manager over a littles issue they can handle themselves this happens more so in the south

  • Zbtauswadote

    Another example of someone using science to postulate theories and assumptions based on faulty reasoning.  That is why it is important for all people (especially Blacks) to read with a third eye and critically analyze these subtleties of racism.

  • Charles

    Ah, who is attractive by my standards? My standards are ego-centric so the outcome is assured. The real tragedy is that is became a conversation in the first place. So what. Remember what Marc Morial said as he described America in August 2008-AN AIRTIGHT CULTURAL VACUUM. Enough said.

  • Kwyetlady

    The fact of the matter is Psychology Today’s advertisers started pulling the plug on their ads because of this I don’t think it would have even be addressed if the money didn’t stop coming in…

  • T Qaasim

    Too often, the U.S. is a country of idiocy! Consideration of idiots for President of U.S, the insistence of being the only monolingual country in the world. The only country too stupid to learn the metric system, “having to get our diagnosis in fruit instead of centimeters”. (“Mr. your tumor is the size of a lemon”). A pandemic of miseducated and undereducated people taught in an ethnocentric education system that teaches lies, misnomers and/or censure the positive truths about anyone outside of protestant anglo saxon culture. A Media that reappropriate lips, arses, eyes, hair, etc. from diverse groups, paste these features on white women through surgeries, botox, photography, assimilation,etc. and call it white beauty. Idiocy! I refused to be part of the another idiotic debate. I agree…black women’s beauty is simply not up for debate. I stopped reading Psychology Today years ago. Plain idiocy!

  • CinfamousmM

    This is ridiculous, simple and plain. This is no different from when in the 18th century the psuedo science of the time concluded that because black women had big butts that meant that there some kind of sexual deviant that just wanted sex and that gave all the white men of the time reason to constantly rape the black women that they owned. ironically, I guess they wasn’t too unattractive for that. This is what happends when a person either chooses to use a eurocentric approach when trying make an objective claim about attractiveness. And what bugged me out is that the guy was asian, if black women are unattractive, then what of asian women? does he claim that white women are more attractive with asian women as well??? Classic case of another race trying to degrade black people again and this isn’t the last time, it will happen again, we just got to keep our eyes open!

  • aaeeiioouuy(butonlysometimes)

    For what is it worth, Psychology Today didn’t approve of the blog post by Kanazawa prior to it being posted. Posting on this site is a matter of writing a blog and then hitting send. The error the site made, perhaps, was in having too much trust in its bloggers, but that is far less of a crime than somoene on staff approving the post before it was submitted. It also is worth noting that the bloggers on the site wrote post after post against Kanazawa’s post. It got to the point where there were pretty much no other articles on the lead page besides those opposing Kanazawa. I know the post was hurtful, but it really isn’t reflective of the website, the magazine or its writers.

    As someone who writes for that website, Kanazawa spoke for himself. It is not fair to overgeneralize his post to anyone else associated with the website or the magazine.

  • aaeeiiooy(butonlysometimes)

    Just another point really quick…LSE is the real employer of Kanazawa, and they have been far less critical of the post than Psychology Today. I get that LSE didn’t approve the post; Kanazawa acted independently of them. But, I don’t get why there isn’t more backlash in comments towards LSE.

  • aaeeiiooy(butonlysometimes)

    Also, Kanazawa didn’t apologize; Psychology Today did. Kanazawa is not Psychology Today, nor does he speak for Psychology Today (his post was not approved by anyone but him and was promptly removed from the site).

  • josefpowdrell

    As racist as the question is, I think there is a lot of psychology in one’s response.
    The answers are as varied as the respondents.  For example the psychology of one Afrikan American women might say simply “I don’t think Afrikan American women are less attractive than any other women. Another Afrikan American woman might respond by saying that Afrikan American women are less attractive because we don’t have a certain
     certain kind of hair,  skin, or physical symmetry. The point is that the question only becomes valid when some one believes it enough to answer it. What is about the psychology of ALL people that makes us give the answer we give.

    Fact is, PSYCHOLOGY TODAY believes it, that’s why they asked the question.
    They shouldn’t have to apologize for what they believe.  They should be ashamed.!!!  

  • Meanchick

    I just returned from the Dominican Republic, where I met Dominicans (of course) and Haitians, who also believe themselves to be white, not black. I believe that because it’s a term used in the U.S., they believe it doesn’t refer to them, they think Blacks live in the U.S. only. On the other hand, could it be that other black nationalities see how bad African -Americans are treated and just want to distant themselves from being black, if only in their minds?
    I enjoyed the article Dr. Boyce and I’ll tell you that while researching for a paper, I found that there is a building denial among young blacks in this country who want to be anything, but black. One young lady I met at a leadership conference told me she was Hungarian, not black. I asked her if she ever been to Hungary, because I have and there ARE black people in Hungary and that being the granddaughter of a Hungarian citizen didn’t make her any less black. ‘Passing’ is on the rise again people, big time!
    I applaud you for taking to task the large percentage of black men who didn’t step up and argue for and protect their black women, but that is part of a bigger problem, isn’t it? Sadly, there are a lot of black men who agree and use it as the foundation (excuse) as to why they do not date, marry or have children with black women. Black women are the cradle of civilization, we are the backbone, the keepers of the race and we are attacked so much for our natural beauty, yet watch as other races copy our beauty with artificial enhancements. It’s sad that many of our brothers turn away from us and cannot see the bigger picture. To weaken a race, you attack the heart of it, the cradle, the women and some brothers just don’t see that they don’t want us to marry each other, have black children and be strong and they depend on so many ‘becky chasers’ to do the job of perpetutating negative images of black women. We are under attack and the weak link in our armor is the black man who bought into this idealogy and happily spreads it as he goes on his merry way “NOT EVEN LIKING BLACK WOMEN.” Our President and First Lady are a strong black couple and it scares the hell out of u-know-who. They don’t want strong black couples, getting married, committing their lives to one another, having black babies. How many jewelry/engagement ads do you see that have black couples in them? Right. 
    Someone on this thread wrote that to take over a country, the leaders of that country are employed to allow the infiltrators to swoop in and deplete the resources of that country and leave it poor and barren. Same thing with the black race, [some of] our men are allowing infiltrators to swoop in and deplete the resources of our race [black women] by making our men believe that we are not worthy of them, thus turning their backs on us and leaving the race unprotected. Wake up brothers, you are being blinded by the white and willful blindness is no excuse.

    • AtlantaJ

      You know, I’m looking at all these angry comments but what no one is talking about is the fact that the ACTIONS of men (and responses of some black women) tell us that, yes, black women are attracting fewer men than other races.
      Has anyone considered that this Asian guy was just trying to figure that out??
      We all know that the most affluent among us—our black athletes and other successful men—almost always select white and lighter-skinned black women as “the wife.”
      So why are we here trying to argue that we believe “Black is Beautiful” when the actions of many of our own black men (and the response by some black women by paying thousands to wear another races hair) say otherwise?

  • Kindred2x

    God must be saying to self.  “The human race thought patterns are like infants. I wish they would get past the vanity of what is or what is not beautiful.  There is so much other things of more importance to contemplate.”

  • Rev. Shirley A. Payne

    Appalled!!! I’ve been blessed to be a Proud African American daughter, wife, mother, grandmother, great-grandmother, college-educated, successful career, retired…..In 1949 as a child I saw these words written on the school playground: “If you’re white you’re right; If you’re yellow you’re mellow; If you’re brown, stick around; If you’re black, get back.” But Praise God…”I’m Black and I’m Proud” emerged…..With grands & greats of every hue, including one stricken with vitiligo I say “You are God’s Creation: BEAUTIFUL INSIDE AND OUT!!!!!
    Rev. Shirley A. Payne

  • Drlarry


  • Drlarry


  • Drlarry


  • Bode Olatunji

    Are you surprised?, no i’m not. Unfortunately, a well number of people have taken liberties to comment and talk about people of African origin with unsavory ignorance and sacrilegious arrogance. It may be that what they think about others is deeply infectious and like a boomerang effect has contaminated their brains. First of all, who is judging who? and what is beauty?. The long sheen doped with make ups, a glittering dyed hair and unpadded skin or the one with succulent naturally bewitching  God given tan. It is sad that some elements of human race still wants to use crazy arguments to manifest their ever increasing ridiculous ego branding comments that is aimed at patching up their ever  crumbling theories about the superiority of one race over the other. It is sad for humanity, sad for them and their cronies. Unfortunately, I believe that there is a branch of the so called learned who are not only so ignorant but are deliberately stupid. So no further comment. If the article is meant to provoke, it has done more than that, it has illustrated the lack of substance of a branch of psychology. 

  • Rose

    I am so late on this one but so over the issue. There is beauty in all black women, we just have to let it out.  I agree in not accepting their apology

  • Bun Bun

    HAHAHAAAA  Sorry WIZdog, light complexion has nothing to do with their being less attractive, it’s the fact that their slanted foreheads, huge lips, and jutting mandibles that make them less attractive.