Judge Mathis Tears Into a Deadbeat Dad: Says He’s Black Community’s #1 Problem (Video)

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Judge Greg Mathis has never been known to hold back his words.  But he was especially harsh during a recent episode of his show, when a rapper by the name of the “Ginger Bread Man” came into the courtroom, stating that he couldn’t take care of any of his nine children.  The Ginger Bread Man says he owns a record label and can’t remember the last time he had a job.

That’s when the judge attacked the man directly, telling him that his behavior is the number one problem in the black community today.

The video is below.







  • Anonymous

    I think I’m missing something. Did Ginger Bread Man forcibly impregnate these women or did they willingly have unprotected sex with him with the full knowledge that they may become pregnant and/or contract STDs? It’s time to stop putting th…e onus on the man for “getting” a woman pregnant like she was a passive sexual participant. It’s the 21st century not the 18th century…contraception and abortion are both legal. Men and women both need to start controlling their reproduction and be responsible. Blaming someone else for the results of your sexual activity is a sign of either immaturity or stupidity. Your body, your choice…your responsibility.

    • sparkle

      true that!

    • Sfoxloken

      While I agree that both parties need to take responsibility for their decision to have sex, not all pregnancies are the result of not using contraception. People seem to forget that contraception is NOT 100% effective. While abortion might still be technically legal, a woman’s moral beliefs and financial resources limit this option for many. And finally, while men are not SOLELY responsible for impregnating women, they need to share the responsibility of the outcome, regardless of how the outcome occurred. A woman is stuck with the child should she become pregnant, while the man continues to have the option to walk away. It is sad that not only do many fathers (non Black too!) not pay child support, they also have little to no contact with their children causing immeasurable psychological damage. MAN UP!

      • Aaron

         People seem to forget that contraception is NOT 100% effective.  Well Sfoxloken, why aren’t there suits being filed in district courts or class actions suits because of failed condoms? You must be out of your mind, these women are having unprotected sex, bottom line!! If your paramour become pregnant and you were wearing protection, cha-ching!! Get an attorney and file your suit…..yeah right, they’ll kick your butt down the court house steps!! ROFLMBO!!!! You must think people are crazy.

  • Anikay

    Judge Mathis was correct in berating this fellow. He missed however turning to the plantiff and screaming; “You knew he had several kids (if not nine) why didn’t you use protection if you were going to have sex with him?! He wasn’t working, he was borrowing money from you , waiting in a SSI check why would you allow yourself to lay down and become pregnant  with a man who has shown you by his actions that he has no character, no means to help you to raise a child properly with  guidiance or money?”

    These urban females (and their mothers) need to get a grip. Hollering, screaming. blaming the male only is derelict.
    Recreational sex has lead to a generation of males who have no relationship with their fathers. That status is unnatural. These males not having experienced responsible men  often do not mature into responsible MEN but rather males with a bitch mentality.

    Why aren’t the legions of black fministers preaching against it?!!!!!!

  • Anonymous

    Deadbeat dads: What a neatly packaged title for men who, for whatever personal reasons, escape the responsibilities of fatherhood. I’m willing to bet that this has been done since the very beginning of human copulation. Men are the male animal that is capable of populating the world with many women. It is the natural process of our animalistic lives.
    Surely we consider ourselves civilized and many of us have been indoctrinated into religious beliefs that forbid this or that, but our natural way of being must be that we can populate the earth without total commitment to each birth.

    That being said. We, the descendants of the African kidnapping and slavery, tend to forget that there was a psychological impact imposed on our ancestors which has followed each generation along right up to now. We were torn apart as families, our women raped and our men beaten, our children sold and our thought processes disrupted violently. If that weren’t enough our ancestors had to be indoctrinated into the “White” ruler’s religious trappings. All of these corrupting psychological issues add to the numerous levels of psychosocial behaviors we experience today. Add all this to an ‘Americanization’ process that keeps us thinking like ‘whites’ but in constant betrayal by whites because they can see our skin color and facial features as the opposite of them.

    It is actually a rarity to see any man dedicated to all of his off-springs black or white or whatever. It is not the way we were built, but African-American men are always going to have (what we consider as a negative traits), magnified and multiplied. We should all know by now that whatever our white counterparts experience in this society is increased exponentially for us “blacks”. Whether it’s a physical disease or a psychological disease, we are going to see it multiplied in our specific community, and because we are conditioned to copy our white counterparts/rulers we will blame ourselves (as they do), and each other, for our transgressions, and some of us, and them, will utter the constant denials that we should not place the blame on anyone else and especially not “Whites”!

    This kind of self denial combined with all of the other idiosyncrasies, are multiplied exponentially because of our conditioned psychological inputs, stemming from past and ancestral abuse and present abuse. Combined, it is amazing that any black family can grow and prosper in a cohesive-positive fashion today. It is doubly amazing to find African-American fathers who can show a nurturing responsibility in this torrid, and vapid age of the Anglo-Saxon Manifest Destiny/Supremacy, which is constantly at odds with the African-American peoples, and as we can see, have imprisoned many of our men women, boys, and girls. That is another issue that is also tied to the present and past conditioning mixed with the constant discriminatory/racist wave over our peoples.

    It is not a surprise that a black man who was lucky enough to survive the ‘Deadbeat Dad’ syndrome is  now attacking black men who didn’t survive that combination of abuse and psychological damage. As I said before. “We are made to turn on each other”, instead of trying to recognize what the underlying symptoms/problems truly are. How can you buy this if you can’t understand it? How can you understand it without taking in the whole picture from the kidnapping and brutal slavery up to the ongoing racism and exclusion of power and wealth etc.? How can anyone pass judgment against us without having been enlightened enough to see the whole of the story and understanding it in a proper fashion?

    The way the privileged upper-class ‘black’ people and other ignoramus of lower ilk,  usually act, is to ignore everything that doesn’t fit into their tiny ‘white’ religious-god-believing, conditioned mindset, and condemn those less fortunate, worse ignorant and poorer educated etc, than themselves. While dismissing all of the variables past and present that  are the true causes of  practically all of our dilemmas, but you can solve these problems without addressing the underlying symptoms.

    • Towan_53

      I beg to differ with your opinion. There are several species in the animal kingdom who mate for life. The human is the one species that can reason. It is a weak minded person who doesn’t have any self control and feels he can’t help himself he must have whomever whenever. What a crock of bs, there is a name for people with these ideologies ad it is called hedonism. These people leave broken people in their wake. These people have no moral or ethical code, they need to stay single or get a mate that is agreeable to their lifestyle choice. Wizardg you are talking loud but saying nothing!!

      • Anonymous

        @de300a418fcda978c7676304794b016e:disqus The things you say are acceptable to people with narrow minds. Especially the kind like those missionaries in Sarah Vowell’s book ‘Unfamiliar Fishes’. These kind of people thought everything they did by their definition of their “god” was good for the Hawaiians. When they got there dictating the kind of moral standards Hawaiians should have and what religious beliefs they should follow, there were more than 300, 000 Hawaiians. When they finished correcting the ways of the Hawaiians using the same mindset as yours. Their (missionaries) offspring wound up taking all the Hawaiian land and in time causing the death of practically all Hawaiian peoples. (Now appx. 3500 pure Hawaiians left) Now the Anglo-Elite own all of Hawaii. Now the Hawaiians are christians and think things should be the way you think they should be. (The Americanized mindset). Anglos tend to teach morals as they murder and pillage many foreign people and lands. All the while forcing all peoples to think and live as they do! Typically destroying whole cultures!

        Frankly I don’t think you have researched  your theory enough to know what you’re talking about and if you did a bit of research I feel that you are already too biased of mind, to understand that the so-called American norm is what Anglo-Saxons foist upon the world! Darwin tried to explain this to you, but you wouldn’t read nor listen!

        If I’m talking loud I’m saying something. It’s just that what I say is difficult for some to comprehend in their conditioned, and diminished mental state.

  • Brook

    He also needs to call out the stupid women who keep having kids with dudes who aren’t taking care of the kids they already got.  It goes both ways. 

    • Songbird286

      I am a female, and totally agree with you

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Shakka-Zulu/1379420279 Shakka Zulu

    I agree with judge Mathis, this man is a disgrace to all black men and black people in general..He cannot be more than ternty-five and he has nine children? What about these damn women? Dont the know about something called birth control? There goes my tax dollars, going to support these people and their disregards for their bodies..Birds have more sense than humans, they will not have a family until they have a nest build..We have these people engaging in recreationl sex and bring life into this world, whitout having jobs or a place to stay, mindless..This stupid girl need her damn head examined..She wanted a black man so badly, she did not care about his other nines children, or thought he would be more responsible with her’s? We’re losing this battle family, because we have children having children..You dont have to scratch every itch…

    • Aundria7

      Yeah, MASTURBATION can serve as a life saver…….

    • Aundria7

      Yeah, MASTURBATION can serve as a life saver…….

    • Aaron

      “She wanted a black man so badly”  I guess so, she’s black!!

      • http://www.facebook.com/people/Shakka-Zulu/1379420279 Shakka Zulu

        She dont look black to me in this video..This is what mysogination will do, produce these racial ambigious people…

  • Ron

    Well after watching the Chicago Judge, I must say his 3rd degree of this dead beat dad went a long way in the entertainment value. Oh yea I LMAO, as this young man tried in vain to explain his reasons for his delima. This is what happens when men meet up with other men…I mean men of status, men of position and men of authority. Dead beat daddy, has never in his life had to justify or qualify his existence to anyone especially another man. Both Baby Momma and Dead Beat It Dad, has never had anyone in there lives to mentor, direct and guide them. Why else would this woman take up with a man with children by four other women. Sadly the women in this scenario reach reality when they know they are about to effect the life of the unborn. Good job, Chicago Judge, but you are spitting against the wind. We need young people all over the globe to understand the point you are making. All that happened on your show today was a 2011 version of Sanford and Son, Chico and Man, Archie and Bunker, M*A*S*H, Barney and Miller. Great TV, Judge, and I fear your point here will effect no one, just be good entertaining TV.

  • Aaron

    I agree with Brook, the woman that brought him to court certainly knew of his nine children but yet permitted him to have her unprotected sex not caring if he carries STD’s. Yes Brook these women are just as stupid as these so-called paramours. I’ve observed many young females pregnant by pant droppers and others covered from head to toe impersonating Muslims just as pregnant, waiting for a welfare appointment. SMDH!!!
    And oh, he’ll have her dumb rotunda under the covers the same night after leaving court!!

    • sparkle

      If an man tell’s me that he has nine children by various women!,that disqualifies him from my life!,i’m not perfect!, but damn!that must be all he does!such an turn off!IBlame the women too!what can he offer you?baby’s mother’s calling all the time!,i will not deal with that mess!I would rather be alone!

  • Life Long Lerner

    Unfortunately both are sad. The children will suffer. Even though society does not want to admit it, the man still has more responsibility for taking care of the children.(Biblical). A man can reproduce simultaneously and for most of his entire life, therefore he must be more cautious. Women have about a 30 year window that they are be fertile. And what about the kids? Most women who are irresponsible have not had good father figures. Men are very very important to a woman’s and children’s lives. It is all just too bad because I too came up where my father did not provide for his children, continued the cycle where my ex -deceased husband had one child but REFUSED to take care of her and ran off to work for the movie industry and still did not do what was needed, earning big money. My daughter did graduate from school, started college, but then married a man who had 1 child he had not seen in about 14 years, another who he had contact but no real money and she had 3 children by him.He is 43 and still runs home to his mother for problems and his mother, age 60 works but ACCEPTS his bad behavior with excuses.  I think it must be some type of psychological issue not having a father’s love.

  • LaoHei

    First, I have to agree with Judge Mathis’ statement that this (idiot) black male is a “disgrace” to the black men and black community at-large. I don’t go around characterizing people but this black male is beyond “stupidity, ignorance, distain, disappointment” and a “waste of living flesh”. Listening and looking at his response to Judge Mathis’ questions just made my blood boil because he never made any sense of anything that he said, he lacked embarassment, shame, guilt, remorse, regret or an ounce of decency. If I was his parent(s) I would have shot myself from the shame of him being on national television and being evident of my total failure as a parent. The federal government should go after this idiot for fraud (getting social security) unless he is collecting for an acute case of “stupidity”. No wonder the American people is sick and tired of providing “entitlements” to this type of lazy-ass, irresponsible baby-making males (and females) regardless of ethnicity. Unfortunately, the babies are made to suffer in the long-term and the short-term if we “cut-off” their financial support by the government. As far as the women are concern in the scenario I think that the women who gave birth to this idiot’s children should at least have their heads examined and their fillopian tubes tied. This woman who has filed this lawsuit against “mr.ginger bread man” ought to be “fixed” right along with the rest of the dumb-ass females who ‘parted’ their legs for this fool. She apparently has absolutely no shame or self-respect to go on national television and announce that she is pregnant too by this idiot after knowing his “track record” with other women and the trail of children left behind, damn! I can go on and on but whats the use, until we begin to make “tough” decisions about this kind of irresponsibility by these type of people, we can look forward to being dragged down the toilet right along with them.

  • Tim Hendricks

      You are also a black eye to the human race. I don’t see how you you ever got a law degree, you must have bought your education having someone else earn it.
      I have a couple friends who are from India and they thought it was an insult that you thought they were indians, you said the people who were here before the white man were not Indians but people from India are Indians, not true.
      You claim to be a church goer, maybe you should read your Bible, Jesus was not in the Old Testament when he turn the other cheek that was in the New Testament. And an eye for an eye is from the Old Testament. Maybe you should read:
    Matthew 20  23&24 23 Then said jesus unto his disciples Verily I say unto you, That a rich man shall hardly enter into the kingdom of heaven. 24 Again I say unto you, It is easier for a camel to go through the eye of a needle, than for a rich man to enter into the kingdom of God.
     You also showed that you are ignorant about cars, there are several cars that have reached the 500,000 mile and still running. VW and Nissan are just 2 car makers that have cars that have more than 500,000 miles and still run. I doubt if any cars from detroit can say that. You hollered at a woman calling her a liar and awarded the case to the other party based on her lying, when she was telling the truth.
     Your history sounds fake except the part where you boast about using affirmative action, I don’t think the Rev. Martin Luther KING had that in mind when he wanted change. He wanted a helping hand for the poor people not a handout.