Black Customers Secretly Record Apple Inc. Manager in Shocking Racist Conversation

by Ayvaunn Penn,

“And before you say I’m racially discriminating against you, let me stop you. I am discriminating against you.” Now this, my friends, is what you call top notch Apple customer service. Who ever would have guessed that the elderly white male manager of Apple’s flagship store could breathe such firey words as these? With a lawsuit now against them, I know Apple’s big cheeses wish this manager had held his tongue.

No, this old man was not off of his rockers. He knew exactly what he was doing when he approached the black males, Nile Charles and Brian Johnston, who just wanted to buy some headphones. Old-man manager let his disdain for baggy jeans and big hoodies get the best of him. When he spotted these black gentlemen, he told them that if they were not buying anything or speaking with a Mac specialist that they need to leave. Specifically, he told them, “I don’t want your kind hanging out in the store.”

These black gentlemen might sport slack clothes, but they have quick minds. They began recording the ugly one-way conversation with their cellphones, and it is a good thing they did because another employee joined in with, “Now you have to go. If you want to know why, it’s because I said so. CONSIDER ME GOD. You have to go.” The lawsuit these two gentlemen brought against Apple is currently winding its way through the New York legal canal. In the mean time, Apple had better get their people and train them on how to not lose their mind.

Ayvaunn Penn is a spoken word artist and an award winning writer degreed in English and philosophy. For more of her witty word works visit Ms. Penn is also the founder of Black And Making It and is passionate about motivating black youth.


  • Shakka Zulu

    This does not surprise me..All these cellphone companies are mergeing and they have a captive audience..These people dont feel they have to give customer service because for every one person to leave, they are getting three to replace them..The time is coming when we will have to go back to using the standard black phones without all the bells and whistles..I hope these guys win big in their lawsuits…I would go back to the store just to see if these two whiteys are still employed by Apple..Dont Apple know that blacks buy the most tech gadgets? We might not have a roof over our heads, but we’ll have the latest computers, phones, video games, etc…

    • Topazbrat

      and they know how to use it!

  • Anonymous

    More of the same.  So glad Mr Charles and Mr Johnston had the insight to record it.  I was planning to buy an Apple computer.  I’ll wait and see how the company respond to this before making my decision and if the salesmen are not fired then I will certainly not be buying an Apple.

  • Steve A.

    Here we go again with this racial mess in this day and age.  This white CEO or manager
    of this company needs to be reprimanded to highest degree.  If a person is “racist” in
    any matter or form,  it is definitely going to come out eventually.  A person cannot harbor
    “hate” or “prejudice” as long as he or she have a heart and a conscience.  I am most sure
     that other customers came into this computer store dressed ugly or inappropriately acc-
     ording to this man’s taste, and got serviced without being discriminated against.  I am so
      glad Mr. Charles and Mr. Johnston was able to keep their head on straight throughout
     this ordeal and to record this filthy scoundrel in his dirty act.  I hope he and all others,
     in his category, get what they deserve.  I am most sure that the Apple computer in
     this particular city can say goodbye to its black patrons.  Then again,  “ONE MONKEY

  • Cinque423

    Beautiful !!!!

    Its one thing to be discriminated against, it’s another to be OUTSMARTED by the people you are discriminating against….OUCH!!! From a few recorded minutes, those young men are about to get PAID.

    Only in America.

  • Dr. Floyd Darden

    A friend told me just a few weeks ago that I need not be overly concern about how people that are not “Black Like Me,” react to what I may say or do because of who I am, or what I look like,… because, according to her, the world is different today (less say then it was in 1957)…  Especially now, because America even has a Black President, and people thinking in the “Old Ways”…name calling…etc..are not like that any more.   We’ll this incident and 50 or more like it that go unnoticed weekly, if not daily, clearly remind us, me, that we live in a world that has not changed that much yet.  We still are living with some people that think terrible things about Black people and other non-whites, but are careful to watch what they say aloud.  Thanks for making my day a bright-one, it is great  living at a time, to witness Black people showing respect for our culture, when they speak-out and confront Racism as Mr. Charles & Mr. Johnston.