Mother Gets Into Shootout with Police Over Daughter’s Medication

Your Black World reports.

Maryanne Godboldo is having problems with the state of Michigan.  The mother entered into an armed standoff with Detroit Police after fighting the state’s efforts to put her child on psychiatric medication.  Authorities had come to the house to take her daughter into custody, and Godboldo refused.  She was arrested when the fighting was over.

Now, Godboldo is in a battle with the state over their right to force her child to take Risperdal, an anti-psychotic drug.  The mother doesn’t trust the doctors, who she blames for previous problems with her child.  She says that her daughter has had medical issues  from childhood immunizations and that she responds better to holistic treatments.

The state, however, is claiming that the mother is hurting her daughter by not giving her access to appropriate care.

“Our mandate is to go into court and prove there is medical neglect,” said Human Services Director Maura Corrigan.  “Is there harm to the child? That’s what we are trying to assess,” Corrigan told the Associated Press.

As a result of her decision to fight with the authorities, Godboldo spent five days in jail and faces charges that include the discharge of a firearm, three counts of assault with a dangerous weapon and resisting officers.   Officers claim that a gun was found in the woman’s home, along with 43 rounds of live ammunition and spent shell cases.

“I was in my home. Why should I come out? They were invading my home,” Godboldo said.

State authorities say they worry about the well-being of the child, and believe that Godboldo should be confronted.  They also argue that she failed to follow procedure.

“I would always be concerned with a parent who has a gun and is using it when a child is present because accidents happen,” said Oakland County Probate Court Judge Linda Hallmark, who isn’t working on the case. “If a parent feels the child is going to be removed and there isn’t a basis for it, there are legal avenues that the parent needs to follow.”

This is not the first time the state has clashed with a parent over proper treatment.  A couple in Wisconsin was convicted of reckless homicide when their daughter died from diabetes, which was treated with prayer instead of medicine.   When Godboldo described the kind of holistic treatment she was giving her daughter, she simply replied that she was giving her “God’s medication.”  The police came after the mother after she refused to attend a meeting with Child Protective Services.


  • Shakka Zulu

    This woman had the right to refuse medication for her child..This society is all about doping and not curing illnessws through holistic approaches… 

  • mrletternumber

    “God’s medication”???? Oh brother…

  • Diane_bukowski

    Ms. Godboldo did NOT engage in a “shoot-out” with police. They CLAIMED she fired a shot at the wall as police broke into her home. The police had assault weapons, came in armored vehicles, and also had helicopters flying over the home of mother and child. Who was endangring who? Her criminal case proceedings have been delayed pending a state Supreme Court decision in another case where a resident resisted the entrance of police into his home without a warrant. State CPS had no business taking the child–Ms. Godboldo signed an agreement when they put the child on Risperdal that she could take her off at anytime. Maura Corrigan was formerly a right-wing Supreme Court Judge. State CPS workers involved in the case have CRIMINAL JUSTICE degrees and no experience. Many CPS workers were hired only a few years ago because of a federal consent decree that found inappropriate placements of children, not with relatives but the foster care industry, which gets paid per head for how many children they can take.Most of those children are Afircan-American, nationally. and locally.Ms Godboldo’s daughter was incarcerated in a state psyhiatric facility for weeks and traumatized. She is now home with her aunt, where she is able to see her mother and father regularly, including overnight visits. To read extensive stories on this case, go to http;// and put “Godboldo” in the search engine.

    • Melasgune1

      thank you for the follow……….and making sure the real truth was stated in its entirety

    • Mocacheena

      Dont know what city you are in, but sounds like NY foster care system as well…

  • Lance

    I stand behind the mother on this one. These psychiatric drugs cause permanent damage!
    If you ask 7 different doctors, they will prescribe 7 different drugs to cure/control the issue and they all cause long term damage. The misdirection in the story to compare the mother’s choice of “treatment” for her child’s mental issues with the usual folks denying life saving procedures, is simply way off base. First we all know when someone from the state starts making life decisions for your family, you get stuff with te resulting mess while they move on to screw up the next person. The drugs are nothing more than a chemical lobotomy that use to often on “our” child…and the damage is permanent

  • Eswan55

    Livin in a drug based society you go to jail if you take them, and now you go to jail if you dont. I gotta say the answer isnt drugs unless you are a pharmacutical company or a columbian drug lord, organic organisms need real nourshment not synthetic nonsense from a researcher tryin to be God with the cure, and God gave us this wealth of plant life to heal ourselves why arent we doing research on plant effects not drug effects? Could it be nobody gets paid but patient thats why?

  • Sheerperfection

    Amazing the amount of power the government have over the people. The truth is many people across this country experience different ailments with and without the use of conventional medicine. So if the mother has realized for herself that her daughters visits to the hospital are making her worse, its her job to end that treatment immediately. This idea that conventional medicine is always the answer or the “cure” is pure blasphemy and I’m glad that we as mothers are finally seeking the truth! Being fully conscious of ones inner and outer person is a religion, stay saved. :-)

  • Renee Greene

    They are poisoning black children who live in the inner city with tainted school shots and other drugs, especially when they are misdiagnosed with ADHD and are paying parents to use black children as crash test dummies. One of the reasons why black kids do so badly in inner schools is because they get sent bad batches of school shot medications that they really don’t need. 

    These medications are very harmful and are dummying black kids down and locking them into nothingness in life. I don’t blame her. 

    These types of medications are the reason for a lot of the things you see happening with black kids these days, especially the ones they think they can get way with using for medical study guinea pigs. They are as bad as those doctors over in Africa who injected children with the AIDS virus to cut the population control. They used these things as a way to keep black kids in America under control. A lot of their behaviors are stemming from overuse of these types of medications that claim to help, but are really killing them.

  • louis green

    You are some sick ass people. Praying to some god, is not, and never has/will cure you of anything. If it did, it would have cured you all of stupidity. Where do you think these fake ass preachers, ministers, rabbis goes, when they need help with mental, or physical conditions? To the doctor. It is Ok, if you want to experiement with these holistic b.s. on yourselves as adults, but you don’t have a right to subject children, to this hokey pokey.
    The police had every right to go in there, and remove this child, from this deranged psychopath. In fact, it would have been Ok, to shoot her ass. Some of you people are still in an delussion, about a book, (The Bible) that your slave masters beat into your psyche many years ago, and are so stupid, that you are willing to die, or let your children die, to maintain this myth.

    • Mocacheena

      she said “Holistic remedies”, not religious. There is evidence that Psychotropic medications are harmful over a period of time to children.  Why not explore all options instead of just medicating our children.  I have worked in foster care for 13 years and have seen first hand the negative side effects of these various medications on young children, who never seem to get better.

    • jenkinsk

      You are very assumptive…

    • BlackQueen

      To Louis Green, you need to learn the definition of holistic treatment before you call someone stupid!  Holistic does not mean religious!  And to say “they should have shot her ass”….you have Pure Hatred in your system!!!  And yes, white people have been know to use drugs to experiment on black people!!!  Read up on history…have you ever heard of the Tuskegee experiment?  Look it up and read about it…I don’t put anything past racist white people because, there is a constant attack by them on our efforts as black people!!  White people are so afraid that oneday with a fair chance we blacks will be in a position to uprise and properly compete for educational and other resources that they will do anything to try and destroy or hold us back and yes even if it means giving our children bad batches of drugs under the disguise of helping them!!!  If you are black man you better wake up!…if you are a white man, you need to acknowledge and accept the fact that their is real evil out here coupled with racism and that there are conspiracies going on everyday!!  White America has an ugly history and without even realizing it is starting to pay for their past and present actions more and more each day, but too bad they don’t see it!!

  • Brooklynalltheway

    What I think can not be printed!!

  • Afropick1

    they will be coming for your family members next when the legal drug pushers cant trick you into taking their drugs will be taking them with the barrel of a gun pointed at you

  • Dee Bowen

    The Gentile rule is over, but they are still trying to exert their so called superiority and authority over us.  They came into our homes in the 70’s and started telling us (and putting it into law) how we (Hebrews) are to disipline our children. Please my people dip your finger and turn the pages, READ to find yourselves approved.
    They hate us with a passion because of who we are and who Blessed us. A lot of you do not know who you are and who you are to THE MOST HIGH YAHWEH.
    They put their seed into our woman many years ago to try and hide in us and to try to get rid of us.  Our Father kept a remenant for HIMSELF and they are trying hard to get rid of us for they know their time is up.  The Watchers kids as well as the rest of them, know that no hell is for them and no heaven, they know that once they die their body will roam this earth trying to find a host. Read the Scriptures,it’s in there.

  • Creativecapecrane

    As a consumer of mental health, since the mother doesn’t trust the doctor who has been treating here child and knows the the doctor is  the real problem, I don’t see why that doctor has the right to perscribe anything for her child. I agree that there are avenues that must be followed and I strongly believe that the mother took advantage of those avenue. The system is wrong.
    The mother definitely needs someone on her side who cares about her and her child. Some doctors don ‘t really care and staff sometime don’t care and has the follow those in the wrong because it may mean that if staff doesn’t go along with the wrong.”They will not have a Job anymore”! The mother doesn’t sound uncaring nor stupid. It’s not fair for the mother to be treated the way that she being treated and it’s not fair for some old no good doctor to have the last word. It’s true enough from my own personal experience that psych medication maks the patients worst and give one other experiences because of the side effects. It’s better to have an alternatives. The mother has proven to herself that the child condition has improved with the holistic treatment by  some means. The mother needs to be heard. Sometime an individual has to take drastic measures to fight for the right of her child. Some parents don’t care about fighting. God bless the mother and her child and I would like to see others in the profession take
    a stand with the mother.

  • Dickinyourmouth247

    It’s all an evil extortion scheme– psychiatry, that is. I praise this mother for courageously standing by God on this matter. The miserable greedy social workers are out for their cuts. They are trained to disregard God’s word in the favor of money. No child nor adult deserves to be mentally tormented with harmful pharmaceutical drugs– stand up and fight against the mass agenda of totalitarian government control. Fight for the freedom you were born with–and that is the freedom of will, my brothers and sisters!

  • Dickinyourmouth247

    It’s all an evil extortion scheme– psychiatry, that is. I praise this mother for courageously standing by God on this matter. The miserable greedy social workers are out for their cuts. They are trained to disregard God’s word in the favor of money. No child nor adult deserves to be mentally tormented with harmful pharmaceutical drugs– stand up and fight against the mass agenda of totalitarian government control. Fight for the freedom you were born with–and that is the freedom of will, my brothers and sisters!