BET Chief Talks About Why Artists are Annoyed with the BET Awards

On Tuesday (May 17), BET Networks announced the nominations for the ‘2011 BET Awards.’ Chris Brown leads the nominations with six nominations and Lil Wayne follows with five nominations.

Soon thereafter, artists took to Twitter to speak on BET and the nominations. Breezy thanked BET and his fans, “Thx to BET for all the support and I love teambreezy.” Keyshia Cole and Trina, on the other hand, weren’t as happy on the nods. “Fuck BET,” Trina simply said.

Was Trina Snubbed by the 2011 BET Awards

The nominees for the best female hip-hop artist category, in which Trina would be nominated for if eligible, were Nicki Minaj, Diamond, Lola Munroe and Cymphonique ( Master P‘s daughter). I was a bit shocked myself, considering each of the nominee’s sales and pop culture impact and that of Trina’s. Thankfully, the backlash has died down but the question still remains: why were these four women nominated over Trina?

BET’s president of programming, music and specials, Stephen Hill, took time to talk to’s The Juice  on the ‘2011 BET Awards’ nomination process and Trina’s backlash against BET.

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  • Shakka Zulu

    I watch nothing on BET..This network is owned by Viacom/Rupert Murdock of Fox News Corp, and we could see the filth and debauchery they are promoting to further kill off any decency left in the black community..Anyone who watches this network, remember you’re helping them in their ratings, and to be able to stay on air…Look at their lineups, Wendy Williams, Monique, The Game, 106 & Park, and the list goes on…No news formats liked they used to have when Tavis was on the air, to inform the community…The only information, is the latest concerts, comedy showcase, or movie release…Stephen Hill and Debra Lee need to be taken out to the wood shed for a good azz whooping…This breakdown of indecency and promotion of black degeneracy, all happened under their reign…