Wake Forest Student Claims Basketball Player Forced Her to Have Oral Sex in a Bathroom

Nyshia Taylor, YourBlackWorld.com

Maggie Hurt, a former Wake Forest student, appeared on the Today Show yesterday as part of a segment on colleges allegedly turning a blind eye to sexual assault on their campuses.  On the show Hurt discussed an incident she claims happened on March 21, 2009, hours after Wake Forest was eliminated from the 2009 NCAA tournament in Miami.  She alleges that she was coerced into a room by former Wake Forest basketball player Gary Clark and forced to perform oral sex in a hotel bathroom, while former Wake Forest basketball player Jeff Teague guarded the door.

Hurt reported the alleged incident to the Dade County Police two months after it occurred , but no charges were ever filed due to a lack of evidence.  Winston-Salem attorney Michael Grace, who is representing Teague and Clark,  said there were numerous inconsistencies between Hurt’s remarks on the Today Show and what she’s said in the past, including in the original police report.  In a letter written yesterday, Grace, said the players are “stunned and outraged by the allegations.”  He also said his clients are considering taking legal action against NBC and Maggie Hurt.

Wake Forest President Nathan Hatch, addressed the issue in a letter.  He stated, “the University takes these issues seriously, has a well-established Code of Conduct and has procedures for hearing alleged violations of that Code of Conduct”.

As of yet, no lawsuits have been brought forth by any party involved in the alleged incident.


  • claudia

    Once again another white woman is making allegations about a athlete or black man raping them. Now who can actually coerced someone into a room. The story Maggie Hurt told stinks. She probably is another white girl who was ignored totally by a brother. 

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Shakka-Zulu/1379420279 Shakka Zulu

    How the hell can someone force you to have oral sex with them? You’re forcing someone to put the lips close to your crown jewels, where they could do much damage to your manhood..This is a sham claim by this hoochie trying to make money, or destroy this young man’s career..I keep telling these black men, stay the hell away from these she devils, and you’ll live a long and happy life..If thhe cant physically lynch your, they will publicly castrate you in the eyes of public opinion..

  • Jaycee1583

    Wait a minute.  Is this happening again?  Seems like just yesterday those athletes from that school in NC raped exotic dancer. They had their reputations wrecked to the point they had to drop out of school.  They had new agency after news agency telling the tales of woe.  They had a bunch of civil rights hacks saying how bad they were – on national tv.  They had a DA pushing false evidence to the point of contempt just to railroad these guys. Yup, once again brothers got NO love.

    Uhh, wait.   

    These were the Duke lacrosse players – all white, and the girls was black. 

    Never mind.

  • Higgspatricia

    White women know they be lying on these black athletes, As soon as they have it made, Thats where these white women step in to pull them down. The parents and coaches get together to get these girls to bring up some kind of false information on these black men. And most of these white women no they love black men. The white women friends I been around in Miami. Say Black men is better lovers than white men. 

    And two the black man, You no you’re going for stardom, You need to stay out of these women face. Stick with your black women.

  • Higgspatricia

     I agree with the media to continue, getting advice from people on what they think of this. Thats the only way we can come agreement of this problem. The devil can’t stand when the truth is told.