Teen Girl Gets in Trouble for Observing Sex with Her Classmates

Your Black World reports

An Ohio mother, Saundra Roundtree, was under the impression that her 14-year-old daughter was being chaperoned on her class trip to visit colleges. Little did Roundtree know, her daughter was apparently being counted as a chaperone.

Instead of censuring the adult overseers who exceeded eight in number on this trip, the school is punishing Roundtree’s daughter for not immediately reporting that she observed two of her classmates engaging in sex. Her punishment prohibits her from participating in some of her school activities.

School officials report that they have suspended the two students who engaged in sex. However, Roundtree does not think that will suffice. Her daughter is afraid of retaliation from the male student who engaged in the act in question, and this mother is taking precautions by consulting a lawyer on how to get what she believes to be proper justice for her daughter.


  • Afropick1

     why are children allowed to grow up and learn from minor mistakes ?