Child Prodigy Speaks Six Languages, Plays Seven Instruments

Your Black World reports.

Spending $1,500 a week on tutoring and lessons for a child may seem absurd to some, but for Mabou Loiseau the results are substantial.


At the tender age of five Mabou can speak six languages and play seven instruments.  She has grown up speaking English, French, and Creole, but her parents, who are immigrants from Haiti, did not want to limit her to just these three.  In addition to these languages, she is learning Spanish, Mandarin, Arabic, and Russian.

“Russian is my most favorite. I just hear something, and if I don’t understand I say, ‘What does that mean?’ and they’ll tell me,” said Mabou.

When Mabou is not studying she is either practicing playing the harp, clarinet, violin, guitar or piano. Some of her other activities include dance class, ice-skating, and swimming lessons.

“All the sacrifices in the world for her,” said her mom, Esther Loiseau.  Ester also ensures that her daughter’s time is not filled with all work and no play.  “All she knows is learning. What becomes fun for someone is what they know,” said Ester.

As of now Mabou dreams of being a firefighter, doctor, dancer, and a princess (how cute), and I am sure the future is nothing but bright for this child prodigy.


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