Group Calls for Charges to be Dropped Against Arrested Homeless Mom

Tanya McDowell, the homeless mother arrested for sending her child to the wrong school, is getting support from a group that is demanding that the charges against her be dropped.  The Connecticut Parents Union, led by Gwen McDowell, has presented a petition written at, demanding that the prosecutor dismiss the charges against McDowell and allow her to go free.

On April 16, McDowell was arrested for sending her child to a school outside her home district.  The problem was that McDowell was homeless, so some are arguing that she had no home district.  Additionally, as the case of Kelley Williams-Bolar showed, millions of Americans are outraged that seeking quality education is now punishable by law.

The Your Black World Coalition, Dr. Boyce Watkins and Rev. Al Sharpton held a rally for Williams-Bolar in Ohio and Dr. Watkins was one of the first to report on the case of Tanya McDowell.

A petition at on behalf of Ms. McDowell has gotten 15,000 signatures and is being presented to the prosecutor.  To read more about the Tanya McDowell case, click here.


  • Anonymous

    I hope she fares well on this sordid issue. There are so many tragedies to consider these days. It’s so sad that we can’t make each-other’s lives better instead of worse, or doing completely nothing. If religious belief were any good, we should have seen an end to preventable human suffering by now. If humans could understand the need to serve each other good will, everyone in the world would be much better served.

    • pickles

      @wizardg Well said!