Jumping the Broom Does Well at the Box Office

(Brook Griffin, YourBlackWorld.com) ‘Jumping the Broom’ made a strong showing this weekend at the box office, hauling in a cool $13.7 million, putting the film in fourth place among new releases.  This was an impressive showing, leading the industry to realize that investing in minority-oriented films might make for a good business decision.

The film ‘Thor’ was the big box office winner, grossing $66 million.  Idris Elba had a prominent role in the film, and the 3-D flick captivated audiences world-wide.   Additionally, “Fast Five” starred the actor Tyrese Gibson, with this film pulling in a cool $32.5 million.  So, this was a big box office weekend for major black entertainers.

Gibson’s film expanded this week from 14 to 44 foreign markets, earning $86.6 million worldwide.  In Brazil, “Fast Five” premiered at number 1, earning $5 million.   The international tally for the film has now passed the $200 million mark.

“Jumping the Broom” drew an audience that consisted mostly of women, which constituted 70% of those filling the seats.  The film also received solid ratings from its audience and critics alike.  Rory Bruer, the president of Sony Pictures, says that this film reminds us why its important to target more movies toward a minority audience.

“It’s a very good business to be in — there are absolutely very positive opportunities there for Hollywood,” he told the LA Times.

“Jumping the Broom” was financed with $7 million, so the film made a profit in its first weekend.  It was co-produced by Our Stories Films, co-founded by Robert Johnson, the founder of Black Entertainment Television.  A partner in the film’s creation was Bishop TD Jakes, who helped promote the film by showing it at religious conferences before it was released.