Is This Pastor a Crook or a Victim?

by Dr. Boyce Watkins

I went to Alabama this weekend to visit Pastor Onslow Ross, who is now in prison for a crime that I don’t believe he committed.  The video below explains more of my position on the matter, and I’ll continue to update you on the Pastor’s situation as time goes on.  The primary point I’d like to make as my legal advisors take a look is that Pastor Ross certainly deserves a bond hearing so that the facts can be released.  At that point, we can allow the system and the public to judge matters for themselves.  I am skeptical of the fact that those responsible for giving Pastor Ross a hearing have continuously delayed the hearing beyond the normal bounds of what might be typical at this stage.  That, quite honestly, makes me suspicious.

The video can be watched by clicking here.

  • Higgspatricia

    @Dr. Boyce, I agree with you that any time they keep delaying a case they don’t have any strong evidence on him. And that the public do need to get involve.

  • Miss_karma

    So, when are we going to Washington?

  • Paris simmonssr

    You is right every time when a black person is railed road , AG have not step up.

  • Barbara2

    Well, well, well, its about time someone put the true-sun on Alabama. The judicial system here is getting rich off the backs of the poor. I would like the truth to be revealed about this case as well. I wonder why the media has kept this under the rug. Thank you for informingme about this matter.

  • Ms Ann

    Why this case has not been on CNN or HLN?The people of Alabama should take to the streets about justice and have a second thought about their injustice in Alabama right now.They should really look around and wonder what is going on in our state.

  • Jury Member

    He was tried and convicted in Georgia. He is imprisoned in Alabama so there is no injustice there. The jury got it right the first time.

  • Gapeach

    While I can’t speak to “Pastor” Onslow Ross’ guilt
    or innocence in this case, I can speak to his deceptive nature. Mr. Ross
    approached my friend with a very un-Christian proposition.  To begin, he told my friend he was a sports
    agent and was recruiting for professional sports teams. He asked my friend to
    meet him after a game to discuss options. 
    He asked to meet my friend in the parking lot of the clubhouse of a
    random subdivision, which was odd (why not meet in your office?). Nevertheless,
    my friend and I went to meet him to hear him out.  When Mr. Ross saw that I was in the car, he
    told my friend that he was supposed to come alone and that I needed to
    leave.  He then suggested to meet at a
    second location, a Wendy’s restaurant. 
    My friend took me home, I got my car, and followed him back to the
    Wendy’s to ensure his safety as I obviously felt some shadiness involved in
    this proposition.  Back at Wendy’s, Mr.
    Ross asked my friend to pose for X-rated pictures and appear in
    “adult” videos. As an incentive to sign with him, Mr. Ross offered to
    let my friend drive away in the white Bentley he (Ross) was driving. He told my
    friend he would bring him into his church as a deacon, that the church would be
    his front as it is for Ross himself. He told my friend that he had access to
    helicopters, cars, money, and girls which could all be my friend’s if he signed
    with him. So, based on my experience and the experience of my friend, my
    conclusion is Mr. Ross is a “crook” and definitely not a