Black Women More Likely to be Single Than Any Other Group

It’s a sentiment shared among black women across the country — good men are few and far between. And according to new census numbers, it’s true: African-American women outnumber their male counterparts.
But some black women say they aren’t giving up on love, like Krystal Williams, a woman who knows what she wants professionally and personally.

“I’m not married for the simple fact of that I just haven’t met the right person yet,” she said.
Williams is one of the millions of African-American women who are still single. According to the U.S. Census Bureau, African-Americans have the highest percentage of unmarried women.

Even if every black woman married a black man, some of them would still be left out. It’s a conversation that casually comes up when Williams and her friends hang out.

“We’re talking about the same old things that we always hear about relationships,” she said.

While Williams said she is still waiting on Mr. Right, some of her girlfriends agree that it’s not easy out there.
Most women dream of walking down the aisle, but marriage counselor Kenneth Foy said there are number of variables contributing to the shortage of eligible black men, variables that could prevent some black women from jumping the broom.

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  • Higgspatricia

     Black women are not marrying now days, Because of lack of money, And the black man can’t support them the way they should. Its hard for black men to find the right jobs to support there families. If we can get good understanding with these men and learn how to economize, life will be better for us. But as long as we’re pulling away from each other, things will never get better. 

  • Lotusbudblooms

    For me, I’ve decided to increase my chances by leaving the country once I finish school. I don’t have to marry a black man, in fact, it’s not on the forefront of my mind, but there’s a lot of discrimination in the U.S. toward us so it’s best to go to a more workable environment. Those of us who can, but I feel for the single moms who made their beds harder.